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Somewhat odd fur on the blue. Short, kinda rex-like in feel, but shiny and too long for that.
Screenshot_20240423_201458_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20240423_201506_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20240423_201513_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20240423_201548_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20240423_201606_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20240423_201645_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20240423_201651_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20240423_201746_Video Player.jpg
6 bags in stock, more supposedly Friday. Can't drive an hour for just six bags. =/

Culling all of Nana kits.

May or may not keep an Aqua kit.

Darkie kits, the good silvered, good furred doe is 4.80. But the other doe is 5.05. Bucks are 5.05, 4.73 & 4.90, with the heaviest having the worst potato shape. Ugh.
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New cups are in. Well, 4 of them. Takes about 15min to install each one. Needs wire cage around it, top cover, wire to hold it up & level, plumbers tape and shoving the hose clamp on top.
Ordered 24 of them to replace all worthless nipples!
Have bowls under the new cups to see if they leak.
Nana kits

Moved Ella and 2 kits to new cages, kits finally moved out.
Aqua kits

Darkie kits

This dumbo, jumped up on the shelf, flopped to nap and rolled off. He fell! Lol. This was the look as he tried to figure out wtf happened.

Screamer no longer attacking, screaming nor running away.
I like the picture with Aqua's kits, how the silver is coming in on that forehead. I'm sure you've said this elsewhere but this thread is very long. What breeds are you keeping?

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