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    getting started. What size cages

    I have similar rabbits. My cages are 40 x 30 x 18 high. I make them in 10' lengths, so that is 3 cages per section. A doe with 8-12 5 week old kits will fill up this size completely. You might get by with 40 x 24, if you don't want them that deep, but I wouldn't go much smaller...
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    How do I deal with an AR nut?

    I thing that we might want to seperate "religious" beliefs from regular social and environmental moral beliefs. While this kind of problem comes up often due to religious beliefs, it is not the question here. Speaking to the question at hand, I think that Maggies advice is exemplary. The...
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    Well that sucks..

    Just a word here for new breeders. It is normal for bred does not to eat as much as normal starting about a week before kindling. It is not unusual for them to not eat much at all the last day or two before kindling, especially if they are meat rabbits which have large litters. It is simply a...
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    Minimum Rabbit Cage Size.

    I understand that many people have trouble with cages that are deeper than 24" (I stretch back to 30 in mine and sometimes it is a pain, but I am only removing the does for breeding so it is not that often) The bottom line is, that if you have to make your cages 18" deep then you need to make...
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    Minimum Rabbit Cage Size.

    I see all the time people trying to raise meat rabbits in a 24"x 24" cage. When I ask why the cage is so small they say that is what the ARBA recommends. There are two big fallacies with this. First of all this is a MINIMUM size, not a suggested size. Secondly, and by far the most...
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    Corned (salted) rabbit

    Haven't tried to make pastrami, but I think one could. We don't have a pressure canner, so I can't can meat and some vegetables; pretty much stuck with tomatoes, kraut, and pickles.
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    Corned (salted) rabbit

    We raise a bunch of rabbits each year, and while we sell or give away some of them, we consume most of them ourselves. Since we eat rabbit so often, we are often looking for different ways to prepare it. We especially like it in stews, but they aren’t really summer fare. As we normally...
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    Why ARAs think there are no good breeders.

    Many states have a plan with local butchers that one can donate animals and the meat will go to retirement home etc.... So why aren't all those rabbits being sent there? Some ARA are truly trying to solve problems and prevent cruelty, but most of them are people that need to have their fingers...
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    I never did carry them that way, but it was easier to pick them up in the cage till I got them out the door.
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    how long before heat sterility resolves?

    Sperm starts dieing when the outside temperature gets much above 85F. In my experience it takes them about a month to recover, but that because one hot day can start the process all over again. A friend, (General Brown on HT) always keeps a young buck from the spring that will be reaching 5...
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    disposal Q

    Nothing to feed it to except the crows, the coons, and the possums. Used to bury hole is deep enough to keep my neighbors dog I throw it on the brush pile in the field. The dog can't get to it and it is gone the next day.
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    Upgrading a dog kennel to a rabbit cage

    I suggest you replace the zip ties with some wire, or hog rings.... bored rabbits love zip ties :D
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    For a number of years, I have often picked up rabbits by the "scruff" of the neck like a cat would pick up a kitten. I don't do it much except when it comes time to process. It seems to be an acceptable way according to the literature, but it causes extensive bruising on the neck/back area and...
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    Does this look normal?

    Can't tell for sure. Looks like a "she" to me. Put "it" in a cage with another buck. Or at least put it halfway in and don't let go... gloves and long sleeves. If it is a buck they will try to fight immediately.
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    baby cottontail...What do I do?!!

    Both good ideas. The best thing you can do is let it alone, and try to keep the children from chasing it. Cottontail rabbits are born with eyes open and ready to leave the nest in just a couple of weeks. If it has made it this far, the only worry are the local cats and dogs.