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Lynx had her kits!
There's 6 or 7, she's protective of them & they're very squiggly, so not 100% sure.
Also, I have to remember to stagger the nests, as in a row above the next leaves no room to check on the one below. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Very obvious flaw that I missed.
She also pulled tons of fur! Removed a chunk of it for storage as well.

Clearly, the broken mutt buck has the best sperm! 😅 Other than 14's two kits, he's had brokens in every litter!
20221008_094214.jpgScreenshot_20221008-102010_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20221008-102032_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20221008-102040_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20221008-102051_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20221008-102100_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20221008-102111_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20221008-102127_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20221008-102143_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20221008-102152_Video Player.jpg
32.9F last night, every baby survived. *phew*
I'm so paranoid that grumpy's kits will climb out and get stuck out.
I wonder when it'd be safe to move mom & kits. 🤔 Wrapped the cages up, so at least wind can't make it colder!
Well! One of grumpy's blue kits was in with her. Watched it jump in. Then out. Then chase mom and fail repeatedly. Finished tucking everyone else in for the night and checked back after. It was back in the nest!
Stress. 😑
Removed extra wall & lowered grumpy's nest down to door level. 4.5in jump out, 3in jump in.
Most of the kits ventured out for the first time today. Mom is not happy. Lol

Also moved one of Lynx's kits into 14's nest. Her 2 are so fat. Leaves 5 with mom. Or should I even it, 4 & 4?
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Well, 11's kits have decided that water bottles do not exist. Period.
So now, there's 5 little crocks for holding water!

I tried converting a bottle to auto refill a crock, but that failed.
Need to get metal bowls for winter for the others soon.
Finally moved the rest of the stackers!
The 4ft stacker was a b*tch! Omg. It got stuck for like 15min, I need a shower is all I'll say. Lol. Yes, I should of removed a board before trying, but I wasn't so smart to think of that until it was stuck up there. 😅
All does with kits in the 4fts.
The first set of sister SF are still together in the bottom 4ft, hoping one of them kindles before its too cold!
Thinking of moving the buck's closer to the left. They're so far

Baskets arrived for hay feeding.
And water, feed & hay bins moved closer.

Should of put the oval bins next to each other, but didn't realize that until now. Lol
Looks like all but one of grumpy's kits are does! One broken black is a buck, the one with more color.
Removed their nest today, too.
Got tired of filling zillions of crocks for the oldest litter.
Wired a metal crock off set from a corner and strapped a big water bottle into it.
I'll have to find a way to make replacing easy, but at least one litter isn't using all of the freaking crocks any more!

Idk why they don't make metal bottle cups. So annoying. Rabbits eat plastic.
There's a screamer. Anyone had one of those before? Only happened when fell from cage or reheated from cold, but these were all warm, fed & in the nest. Seems like too much stimulation causes it to start screaming. 😅
Mom is protective of her jumping beans, so just group pics for now.
The Lynx mom calmed down after a few days, so, hoping miss mutt also chills out soon.

Screenshot_20221021-105324_Video Player.jpg

Mum checking her crazy babies-
Screenshot_20221021-105340_Video Player.jpg
3 brokens, 3 solids-
Screenshot_20221021-105426_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20221021-105435_Video Player.jpg
Got 20 metal bowls from the dollar store online.
Will use scrap wire to make rings for them so buns can't flip the bowls, but I'll be able to lift them out to dump ice.

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