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Sad news this morning.
Broken orphan got out of the nest last night, 40F, and froze. It was fat & doing great, but stupid. Idk how it managed to climb that high. 😢
Since the other baskets are out of stock, still, I ordered these instead.
Should arrive Friday, I'll make tops to them & get them ready by Sunday. Tuesday, Thursday & Friday there are 4 does in all that are due.
Maybe it's the lighting but your black looks like a blue and your blue looks like a lilac
I think it doesn't help that one is a steel/frosted?
One by door looks purple-y. I think that means lilac, but it'd have to be a very dark one.
I'll try to remember to take a pic of all 3 together. Black still looks black, but now the blues look suspect.

In other news, a blue was head first in the feeder all the time and empty in AM.
So, I dug out my creep feeder panel! Lol, tiny "sheep" eating.
Mom can't eat it, but kits can fill up.
Gave #14 a nest, she ripped up cardboard. Gave tons of hay.

Gave Lynx Rex a nest & she's been building all afternoon.

Moved her sister, amber Rex, out to her own cage, as she palpated empty & looked super lean. Will give nest tomorrow just in case.

Mutt doe palpated bred and at a similar size as others, so, gave her a nest. Unfortunately, I apparently forgot to write down her breed date/buck. 🤦🏽‍♀️ She seems to just be grazing in there, so we'll see.
#14 dug a nice tunnel of hay.
Mutt dug up her nest. Forgot that they stop eating before kitting. Mutt is still eating like a hog, so I blocked her nest off for now.
Amber Rex eating like a pig.
14 & lynx not eating.
14 is due today, lynx due on 6th.
Covered nests with towels, to keep cold wind away.

Now to 🤞🤞🤞 for healthy, live kits in fur covered nests!
No kits yet.
Continued clearing out barn. I'll be using the raised center aisle for the rabbitry. The back will be fully covered by wood or plastic roof panels, to stop wind.
The other side of the aisle, I'll eventually figure out a way to also close it, to further stop wind. The top and one side will be open for air.
Currently, I've cleared out enough for all but a section of 4ft cages.
I'll move the first momma 4ft stacker. Then leave space for the 2nd 4ft stacker, as it's currently housing grumpy & lynx, and I don't want to move them until lynx has her babies.
I'll be able to make more 4ft stackers with the two 2ft stackers, so, those will go in next. The last ones will be the two 2ft buck stackers. And in between will be the final 2ft stacker.
I think that's all of them, besides the extra single cages, crates and the parts for a 60" long cage. There's room to add them later if need be or just keep them hung up along roof in storage until needed.
No pics yet, but soon. Should be able to move almost all of them today.
This will almost completely free up the carports they're currently in and the barn. Just need to better stock lambing jugs and such. Lol