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Forgot that I don't currently have the empty bins to store them all. Oops. 15 bags of feed in trailer to, hopefully, get me through the winter!
Have 5 litters now. One will be weaned soon & I'll be deciding if I'll keep any to compare to other litters' keepers.
Lynx & 14's kits are running around, jumping out of nests today.
14's two are huge! Lol. I'll get pics later today. Lynx kits are all rex coated.
Grumpy's kits have such long fur!
11's kits are so lazy, lounging around like piglets.
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Moved the oldest litter out & hooked nest onto mom's cage, she's due on Halloween.
I'll split the temporary keepers into another cage in a few more weeks, maybe on butcher day.

Finishing the rest of the nests & started reusing the left over pieces to make two 5ft cages. Was going to make one from them, but it's too tall for just one. Got the short sides on, need to cut flooring and get side & door wire for them.
FINALLY! The larger of the two half sister black SF does is nesting! Thought I'd have to cull them. She's putting hay in all corners instead of the nest. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Hot today, so checking often to catch a wire birthing, but hoping she opts for the nest!
Moved the smaller out to her own cage.
First pure SF litter born!
She must of felt bad for not having any last time, because she had 11!!!
Tons of fur and in the nest. *phew!*
And one chocolate??
I think light blacks or could those be blue? Probably not. We'll see.
Now to 🤞🤞🤞 that she can feed them all!
Screenshot_20221026-095054_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20221026-095038_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20221026-095024_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20221026-095007_Video Player.jpg
The 11th, runt. Put it with the youngest litter, Mutty's, but they're big. Other SF due Halloween, so we'll see if it can make it until then.
Screenshot_20221027-140613_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20221027-140556_Video Player.jpg
11th kit was lost.
Nests for 14 & lynx were removed today.
Pedigreed SF buck & amber buck will be culled on Monday. No one wanted them as pets, so their time is up.
Still trying to pet out the mini rex choc doe. She eats almost nothing, so she's kind of the pet of the group.
Mutt doe might be culled, depending on how her kits grow out.
Amber Rex is due Thursday. Gave her PM hay & she started gathering it. So, hung up a nest for her tonight.
Amber moved all of the hay out of the nest & into a corner. Then exploded fur everywhere!!
Cleaned out nest, put new hay in and moved loose fur into it. Left half of her fur/hay nest out there & gave more hay, in case she has them in there vs the nestbox.