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$418 in the red. Plus 60 in bun sales.

Currently $358 in the red.

Cut up more mulberry branches.

Very mixed pen...5 litters. Freckles kit, Quin kits, the fosters Quin had, Yynx kits, Unity kit. 🤔 That should be all of them...

Culls waiting. Castor should be leaving Saturday. One buck might be leaving tomorrow. Then rest will be culled.

Cocoa kits. Crazy mom eating all hay and fur....Refilled & put kits in the cage to explore.
$418 in the red. Plus 60 in bun sales.

Currently $358 in the red.>>>>> Way to go!!!

I'm going to get there! lol...last check I was $800 something in the red +$24 +$35 as I'm buying a pedigreed chocolate rex buck Monday for the 2 rexs. I hope to catch up by fall. I will sell 3 - 4 out of Smokey's litter. All of Charlie's (fingers crossed all goes well in the next week) all of Oreo's, Velvet's, ( both due in a couple weeks)and Chocolate Truffle's at the beginning of next month.......Those are my intentions.... We all know plans can go South...
Oh. Bad news. Quin let all except 4 kits die. 🤬 If I had a mom with similar aged kits, they'd be moved and doe terminally culled immediately. She'll be culled once the kits are old enough to wean, hopefully, the last 4 can make it that long...

All other nestlings are doing good. Cocoa kits were put in the cage with mom the other day to explore for awhile. Today, Lynx & Sugar kits were put out to explore. With it warmer, they're more active and not hiding in a dogpile nonstop.
Dang shoulders...He looked better in the shoulder last time, but clearly lacking either way.
Sep 4th. Almost 23 weeks old, 5.75 months old. Not even 6 pounds. Ugh. He's so sweet, but no improvement, so can't keep him.
Screenshot_20240209_174031_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20240209_174041_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20240209_174052_Video Player.jpg
Know what they are?

I've got guesses, but who knows.
Steeled blue otter, high rufus castor, lynx, opal, weird blue, weird blue, castor.
Only the first and last I'm mostly confident in. Lol
Weird blue? Is that a new blue variety? lol Very pretty
For the previously cull list of Vickie kits : ... my guesses are :
Broken steel blue, broken fifty shades of gray, broken castor, castor, broken opal, broken castor, opal...
What the heck is going on! All full, fed, healthy, just dead! It was warm, next to the others, so not death from exposure. 😭
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She's crushing then to death!
Nest sitting. She wasn't during the day, unlike before. Blocked off during the day, but open at night. Moved the nest hole over. Hopefully that helps.

$193 in the red. Plus 1 bun sale at 15 and 15 poo bags at 75. And doa kits at 15.

Currently $88 in the red.
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Winter kits are horribly lagging!
Absolutely abysmal...
So, so many culls. Should probably go ahead and do that asap. At this size, its 2-3 per dog.
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Have mercy, such bad numbers...
Looks like I won't keep any from-

Can cull all from Jessi and use Goliath, keep kit from them. Same with Yynx.

Gotta check parent weights, Quin & Nana. If kits are worse, will cull whole litters.

Check Jasper to the Freckles kits. If he grew better, cull all.

Looks like new kit is growing better than Jasper. So, he will replace him in the future!

Nana kits look pretty even. So, will pick best shape and size.

Runt hardly grew, will cull.
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Rusty, doe and buck.
Wtf is the doe doing...but I don't want to keep a buck...ugh. Maybe I can cull both.
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Quin's 3 survivors.