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Played a bit of musical cages tonight.

#11 stayed put. So did the smaller SF sisters.

Scooted them over and around.
Bucks all together at bottom right.
Grumpy blue SF doe got a 2×4ft cage. Sisters amber & lynx Rex under her, still together.
Mini rex choc doe in bottom left & #14 SF doe above her.
Black mutt doe above one of the bucks near the end.

The tray situation is still a mess. 😑 The big water bottles make it annoying to pull them out to dump.
Sold 4 rabbits! Yay!

But also bad news.
A doe had 7 kits & then died. 🤦🏽‍♀️😭 One is having seizures, so I'll have to put it down.
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Got heavy cream, KMR and trying to feed them. Used the other kits to warm these up. Really hard to feed them, maybe it gets easier.
Other doe only feeds once a day, so I don't think I can get her to feed them. But, I can put them all together and see how they do.
Did they get fed at all before she kicked the bucket? If not, without the first milk they won’t get the needed colostrum and the chance of them making it is very slim.
First litter getting big!

Bunny tacos!

Feeding them is so tedious & frustrating. They ate some, as bellies did grow, but a lot got on everything else as well.
Seizure kit is no longer having them every few minutes. Didn't hear nor see it the whole time I was out there feeding and dealing with the adults. So, that's good! 🤞 Hoping they don't return.
Forgot the pics.
Need to do a full nest cleaning today. The 7 extras are making it a mess.
Blanket butt kit was able to drink best, some others are finally starting to get the hang of it. My hand hates me, though.


New hay in nest, they don't know where to go.

Switched to a 3ml syringe. Probably got a ml on them instead. 😑 They all forgot how to eat out of it.
Urine burn on a couple of them, so I'll keep them separate from the older kits during the day.
Brought the orphans into the house, it'll be easier to feed them this way.
Timed it, takes a bit over 60 minutes to feed 7 kits 3ml of milk!
Used cat fur, as I have no rabbit fur.
They matted it under them...
Woke up to super chilled kits. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Warming them up on my belly & under a blanket. Don't have anything else to use.
Idk how long it takes to heat them back up, though...

Found a hothands to use.
Lost one black. Might loose a broken to the cold as well.

Lost 4 in all because of the cold.
3 fed and sleeping.

Might loose the other black kit.
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Other black one stayed in a semi coma state and eventually died.
Other two are eating. Feeding every few hours instead of 2× a day.
Going to put a hothands in one side of the nest in a towel up against the wall & put the 2 survivors near it. I'll hope they can figure out how to wiggle away if need be.

Other litter is doing well. They're curious, nibbling hay and so cute.
How I've got the nest setup. Heat should last 10hrs.
Already adjusted it to be lower. Staying up a bit to see if it needs more adjusting or if it'll work.
They're so cute n curious now.
Started dropping a few feed pellets in.

Gotta give an offering to grumpy momma before touching her fluffers. Lol

Morning orphans after feeding. Set them outside in the shade, warmer outside than in the house. Broken eats pretty easily, harli still a bit weird about it.
3ml seems to be the limit still. So, in a few hours, they'll get 1ml and repeat that throughout the day.
Idk how people get anything out of a doe when holding her at all for kits. Now and 6yrs ago, none have ever "let down" for them to nurse unless doe went to feed 100% on her own.
🤔 I call bull. No way others get that to work.
New box for the squirts. Smaller, but taller. Broken is a bit of a climber.
While trying to get 11 to feed them, noticed old hair in her dewlap. So, pulled some for the kits.
Greens, put runty under her nose, she did sometimes raise up, but no milk.
They're getting more annoying to feed, as they're refusing. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Did start to use slightly less water, for more dense nutrition per feeding.

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