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Got weights on everyone and used another bowl. Need to find my old plastic clear bowl to lift w/e bowl is on top to see # better. And need a rectangular bowl for the buns...This one is still a bit small & awkward for them.

Tiny runt is over 3 pounds now! Gained a whopping 11oz since last weigh-in!

The new Rex buns-

The others + the new big SF.
Supplies came in!
Looks like I need a couple more crocks, but otherwise, have enough bottles & feeders, even with the new 4 hole!
Weather is supposed to stay below mid 80s, so, removed the bottom back covers for more air flow.
Getting more of the urine guards made n put in.
Cutting the 12ft ones for the 2×4ft cages next.
New SF buck. 3.87 months old, 6lbs & 2oz. Doesn't look it, eh? Hope he silvers up a bunch more.
Screenshot_20220817-111115_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20220817-111123_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20220817-111055_Video Player.jpg

Rex sisters, what's personal space??

Got the five 2×4ft guards all cut out.
Started on the five 30×22" guards. Two others have partial commercial guards. Will have to put them together and then see how much more is needed.
Redid posing, hoping the practice helped any. Looks like phone kept failing to record, I I missed a few random buns.

I question the newest SF buck being pure, even though he has a pedigree...
Video Collage Maker_2jCPFJ.pngVideo Collage Maker_tDOg18.pngVideo Collage Maker_EhRfZe.pngVideo Collage Maker_GxCIri.pngVideo Collage Maker_2HjMYl.pngVideo Collage Maker_TVEmdz.png
Finally stacked the two 2×4ft cages.

Rest are all irregular sizes, so, kinda can't be stacked and aren't supposed to be regular use cages. Already moved some buns up into other stackers. As weather keeps cooling, rest will be moved & we'll see if anyone wants to breed.
Why build a nest when you can birth on the floor and make the nest the next day? 😑

SF #11 had 8 kits, one didn't make it.

My color guesses-
Solids-1 black, 2 blue.
Brokens-3 black, 1 blue.

Soon after birth.

Gave more hay, slept on it.
Screenshot_20220901-183722_Video Player.jpg

Put a cam on to see if she would feed or not.

Next morning, more fur pulled & carrying hay around.
Screenshot_20220902-125148_Video Player.jpg

Today, all but one are well fed.
3 days old. The one is not eating as much as the rest, but is being fed.
Seems she feeds weirdly. My cam "cools" aka is worthless, for 5min after the 12sec record. This clip is 2 videos. Seems she feeds multiple times, for short bits of time.
She also checks in on them a lot! Dozens of times in 24hrs!


She didn't feed last night, but did feed at 8:40am.


Sister wasn't preg, brought her to the newest SF buck & the rex fur mutt buck. Bred willingly several times, now we wait again.

The first SF buck is still being a dud. He'll get defensive after awhile and attack anything, won't mount at all. Might try putting in a new cage for breeding and see if that helps any.
Bit late in sexing, but didn't know if mom would feed and they would live.

What are your guesses based on these pics?
I can't wait till my Does have their babies, it's been about 3.5 months since Reshiram and his brother were born.

The longest I've waited for Kits is a year and a half. That sucked. A lot.
Sold 4 rabbits! Yay!

But also bad news.
A doe had 7 kits & then died. 🤦🏽‍♀️😭 One is having seizures, so I'll have to put it down.

Got heavy cream, KMR and trying to feed them. Used the other kits to warm these up. Really hard to feed them, maybe it gets easier.
Other doe only feeds once a day, so I don't think I can get her to feed them. But, I can put them all together and see how they do.

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