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Such đź’© like her mom!
Vicky, Kitty's replacement, using nest as toilet, didn't pull fur, then decided she was hungry and ate who knows how many of them! 🤬
Rebred, will be culled if she fails again.
Have her aunt who has raised a nice litter, but was hoping Vicky would be further to have a pedigreed litter now.

I'm getting tired of 11's aggression. I think she'll be culled/sold after this litter.
Screenshot_20231103_120657_Video Player.jpg

Xoh doing excellent!
Screenshot_20231103_120916_Video Player.jpg

Choco kits. She's also leaving after this litter.
Screenshot_20231103_121028_Video Player.jpg

14 is half sister to 11, she's so mellow. Didn't untie her nest today, she makes a fancy tunnel nest and closes it up.
Moved a bunch to the cull cage & listed them. Pup has not been happy to not get a happy breakfast this past week. Lol
All bucks except one.
14's sweet buns.
Screenshot_20231107_140339_Video Player.jpg

Xoh's torties.
Screenshot_20231107_140634_Video Player.jpg

Decided to move out 4 proven does, 3 young does. And need to pose 3 to decide if I really want to keep any or just cull them out as well. Too many to keep!
Culled a bunch out!
Hides in freezer, rest waiting to be dog food.
Two juniors were given until their due dates. If they fail, cull. One older weaner doe moved back to mom to watch shape.
1 junior culled, 9 older weaners culled.

Freckles' doe, terrible shape, on her last chance. The other broken doe is also on her last chance.
Screenshot_20231109_163033_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20231109_163049_Video Player.jpg
If I'm trying to keep the Freckles buck and fostered Kitty doe or buck, then I shouldn't keep the 2 older does, right? But I guess since they're already grown and in 30 days we'll have kits or not, I could wait. I have 4 proven does due around then. I could foster their kits over and cull the does out or just let them raise them for 4-5wks, then cull. Hmm...

Guess I'll wait. Choco will leave in a few more weeks & Meanie leaves this weekend, hopefully, making some space. Blue rex doe & sf11 will leave after kitting/weaning, too.
Since I'm getting a new Rex doe, and buck, I don't really need to keep any back from current litters. Guess I'll see who is best and might just keep one or 2 of all the different ones. Still need some to cross with the better Rex. Just don't need one from each pairing now like before.

$422 in the red. Plus 25 in bun sale.

Currently $397 in the red.
Moved most of the cages to the corner of the barn.
I don't want to use the two 3 hole stackers, but seems I'll have to. Fix the floors and stick them on the ends. The 2hole I'll try to put above the 2 row stacker. Any other cages, same thing, I'll try to put them up above the other cages.
I'll bump out the wall a few feet, then enclose it. After that, cannot get more buns, lol.
Gotta finish before winter, so I can use a little heater to keep water from freezing.
🤬 Managed to f up Lynx's due date. Lost all the kits.

The blue that I had moved back out of cull cage, I put back into cull cage.
The broken looks hideous. 4.5 pounds or so.
The black looks a bit better, 5 pounds.
Screenshot_20231117_135237_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20231117_135247_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20231117_133019_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20231117_133029_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20231117_133034_Video Player.jpg
Picking from the rex...
Slightly more open pattern, weighs a bit more and I think has a better shape, slightly. Or does the other look better? Ugh, idk....
The buck isn't great, so no longer keeping him.
Video Collage Maker_TuhAgS.pngScreenshot_20231117_133110_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20231117_133118_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20231117_133123_Video Player.jpg

Still waiting on the black sf in cull cage to finish silvering before culling him. There's 2-3 others to cull, plus the 2 from today. And 3 more if I can decide on which is better....One from the Freckles pair of brothers I need to decide on.
Got 4 culled.
Blue left to silver out with the black one.
Moved the broken buck of the 2 that was a cull. Put the blue otter rex back. I have lots of sf bucks, but no rex bucks. So, decided to keep him, too.