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Speedy kits at 7wk, 4 of them, average 2.4#.
At 9wk, 3.7 average.

Darkie(2ndspeedy) kits st 7wk, 3 of them, average 3.9#.
At 9wk, 4.95 average.

So, the Speedy kit I kept back will be culled.

Redoing kit weights to pull more for culling today.
May have a buyer for a butcher demonstration for 5-6 meat buns. 🤞🤞🤞 Hope they're still interested in October! Going to pick out the 6 biggest & feed them out until then.
Rest listed and fed to dogs, like usual.
Since Baymax got a bigger cage, was able to move Swirl over and all the bucks are back on one side.

Everyone got bottles and/or pumpkins to play with.

Cut a wall divider in half to give to 2 rex does to sit on them.

Split the culls into 6 biggest and rest, moved to the 2hole cage.

Lynx kits. Chocolate, blacks, castors? Idk.
Screenshot_20230915_102347_Video Player.jpg

The lilac? kit was dying yesterday, gave it formula. Idk how much it actually ate, but it's alive and fed today.
Torts are still confusing me, maybe not black tort, but blue and lilac torts??
Screenshot_20230915_102123_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230915_102142_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230915_102152_Video Player.jpg
Too bad they're the smallest of their litters. Some are decently shaped.
Screenshot_20230915_151221_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230915_151130_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230915_151251_Video Player.jpg
Black otter
Screenshot_20230915_151306_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230915_151317_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20230915_151354_Video Player.jpg
Lilac otter
Screenshot_20230915_151407_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230915_151414_Video Player.jpg

Lifted the water bin as high as I could make it. Tired of it being "empty" when there's about half actually left.
Still waiting on Zero to kindle. Will be culled if she doesn't have any. Have to decide which chocolate doe to also sell and I think I'll sell speedy. She's too much of a lardarse=too much work to get bred. Last litter no one grew quickly. Failed to get bred, retried. But will cull if she fails again.
Looks like Obscure & Meanie will be culled. If they don't have an excellent kit, their lines may stop, too. Blue rex will also be culled.
Broken blue otter is younger gen to Vickie, Kitty's replacement. So, kitty is half siblings to the broken blue otter. I'll have to check on exactly who are/is sire. Might be full sisters or half.
Lynx kit kits
Screenshot_20230918_171936_Video Player.jpg
Broken black otter, regular fur, sf dad.
Screenshot_20230918_171957_Video Player.jpg
Broken blue otter
Screenshot_20230918_172009_Video Player.jpg
Black otter
Screenshot_20230918_172017_Video Player.jpg
Another black otter
Screenshot_20230918_172025_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20230918_172032_Video Player.jpg
Blue otter, regular fur, sf dad.
Screenshot_20230918_172040_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20230918_172047_Video Player.jpg
Zero's kits. 3 fatties. Tort, Broken black and a black. I like the brokens that are more dalmatian typed.
Also moved the struggling Darkie kit in with these guys.
Screenshot_20230918_172411_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230918_172427_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230918_172435_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230918_172444_Video Player.jpg
The wee kit from Darkie's nest is a fat tick today! Just hope it stays in the nest and doesn't explore early, since it's a week older.
Screenshot_20230919_112352_Video Player.jpg

Lynx & brknbluotter does.
And 2min of their kits exploring. After adding pellets to their nests for a week, I start putting them out to wander. Usually put them back myself for a few days, until they figure out how to do it on their own. Nests are lowered to cage door level as well.


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