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Bleached her cage.
Moved Obscure & kits in.

Set up water in another stacker hole, then moved Kitty's replacement, & the black doe that lives with her, into it.

Moved the broken blue otter rex into the cage those 2 came out of. So, next door to where she was. Split the kits into 2, biggest 7 and smallest 6. Hung the 2nd nest on broken's doorway. Hope she feeds them!
Looks like both moms fed their kits today! *phew!*

Speedy is using her nest as a toilet. 🤬 Don't think she's bred. Bred to Baymax/lilacotter rex.

Freckles keeps making a tunnel in her nest, then snacking on hay from outside, when I add more hay. Bred to Rivian/newsf.

Darkie is pulling fur this morning! Bred to Ivory, Torty & Baymax.

Lynx semi built her nest awhile ago, topped off hay. She's big, due any time now. Bred to Ivory & Cinder, homegrown bucks.

Zero gets her nest on Wednesday. Bred to Swirl.
Ugh. I hate nest sitters!
Broken is doing that. Ripped cardboard liner off, placed on kits, sitting on top! At least they're fed.

But for good news, Darkie had 8 kits!
Screenshot_20230909_113841_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230909_113852_Video Player.jpg

As for nest sharing does. Horrible idea! The fattest, strongest get fatter & stronger, rest will die.
Choco and her 3 litters of kits moved to a big cage. One of the blue/lilac kits that was a foster had to be culled.
Screenshot_20230912_135922_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20230912_135947_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230912_140002_Video Player.jpg

Broken blue otter & lynx kits.

Freckles' kits

Darkie's kits

Lynx's kits

Blue kits
Buck weights.

Torty, 8.06
Swirl, 8.28
Cinder, 9.88
Rivian, 9.56
Baymax, 7.0
Ivory, 7.03

And Blanket kit, was given a pass. Broken black otter. He's been the most friendly, last one to cull of the litter. Posed him and he looked good, so after seeing the awful shape of my other bucks, I decided to find a mom who would let him live with her & her kits.
Placed him with Obscure. She's a bit lungey at me, but took him in. Will move him if I see any issues.
Freckles adds fur on cold nights. I believe she did that with her last batch, too.

And Zero started to work on her nest! No complications so far this time around! *phew*

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