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She had them! 8 or 9. Probably would of built a tunnel if the nest was big enough.
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They look fed, peed on each other, but fed! One tort and a white?? One missing?
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Well, amberkit had her kits. Two. She had several last time so idk. Hoping one is a doe to replace her or I'll just sell the trio, idk yet. Didn't check gender. She ended up using the exterior nest!
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And since I have two dog kennels unused, added floor wire to the one already wrapped for chicks.
Moved the 3 oldest bucks over to it.
Gotta move the oldest doe tomorrow to her own cage.
Unfortunately, both white are gone. One is missing altogether. A black got its leg tangled in fur! Never had that happen before. One of the fattest kits, completely mangled leg. Will see how it does now that it's free, but may cull soon.
Others are doing well.

Water system is dribbling. Ugh. Why can't someone invent a leak and dribble free system??

Need to weigh and cull again.

Starting to run low on greens for the growouts and culls. Dogs are not finishing a whole rabbit, lasting 2 days or more. So that's slowed and created issues.

The newest loves his ear treats & the lost kit.
Screenshot_20230531_110440_Video Player.jpg
So, the 6 Blackie kits are almost all 3# each, an ounce in either direction, that I can't cull any more yet.

I want to list the 2 blue bucks from Choco, so can't put them in the cull cage yet either.

The rex in the cull cage have been keeping weight on greens alone! Forgot to feel the others, though. But it's rough gathering in the rain.
Ugh. Only 3 left! Heat wave, wiped them out. Removed half the nest & the maggot covered leftovers...
Removed nest blanket covers, checked on all to make sure they're spreading out to stay cool.
Lynx kits' nest was removed 2 days ago.

3 healthy fatties left. Sad the whites died, will keep doe to repeat the breeding for those colors. I'm going to be furious if that tort is a buck. Lol

3/4 cull doe, all alive and happy. Castors and blacks.

And amberkit kits, charlie and broken.
🤦🏽‍♀️ didn't latch it securely enough. Most escaped this morning. Luckily, none were dumb enough to go into the pup's pen, bc he loves rabbit.
Caught them easy peasy.

Then separated 3 cull does into 3 separate cages bc they decided then was the perfect time to fight. 🙄 Culling two tonight.

Moved a doe to a lower cage bc its hot out. Turns out, one of her 3 surviving kits has a paw that can't extend. Ffs. No outward injury, so idk what happened. Now I really hope the tort is a doe! Ugh.
4 & 5 in cull cages. Kept separate in case there's buyers interested.
Keepers from 1st cage went outside, keepers from the other stayed in the 2 level cage.
She's moving around more, even laying stretched out happily & gobbling up her food. Still not sure wtf went wrong, but she's recovering from w/e it was.

They gotta be lilacs, no?
Choc mom, lilac dad. One kit looks to be otter. Forgot to get pics of the biggest buck.
First out of this litter.
Screenshot_20230612_153029_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230612_153216_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230612_153140_Video Player.jpg

Big fatties for the amberkit mom.
Screenshot_20230612_152858_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230612_152910_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230612_152941_Video Player.jpg

3 survivors. Nest removed this morning. Been stretching the leg of the one kit, idk if it'll help any, but its getting around great so far. The other black one is spazy.
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Well...can remove 2, the amber bucks.
But the rest...good shape is hard, but so is size...ugh, who to choose??
Coded by color, since shape can easily be seen.
Have to recheck if that choc is a doe or buck.
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I'd keep the two broken blue does with the yellow and red dots. If I had to choose between them I'd pick the yellow dot broken blue doe. All the rest with the high point too far forward or poor shoulders would go.
I'd keep the two broken blue does with the yellow and red dots. If I had to choose between them I'd pick the yellow dot broken blue doe. All the rest with the high point too far forward or poor shoulders would go.
Out of curiosity, why the yellow dot over the red dot? red seems to be more of the "desired shape". My guess is that the total height from ground to top of shoulders appears to be greater on yellow than on red.

I'm trying to learn and watching these threads is very informative.