What would you call these odd colors?

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Looks like a "snowball", a word for two different conditions with the same trait--the dark color only goes a short distance into the fiber before the hair turns white.
Yes, precisely! I didn't know there was a term for this. I need to go and read all of the things reh has written. I find I need to take it in in batches or I won't retain anything useful reading everything at once. One of these kits is almost completely white now. This is what happened to the one born with a purple bum a while back, he grew out solid white like a temperature reactive coat, except the Temps weren't cold this time.

When I look at the closeup of the spots, I see something fascinating:
I will try to get a better photo of this. I thought this was from the buck, as he is am interesting chocolate/steel/banded coloring I haven't found name for yet. But it's mixed with the snowball gene from her, because this is her 3rd litter with buns with "purple" coloring that has grown out and her first litter with him.

For the coloring itself, he is the son of a Cinnamon and a broken black NZ.

I know her first litter had a juvenile who grew out solid white by butcher age. This litter so far looks like one will grow out and one has deeper tips that may stick around.


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