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Aug 5, 2021
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Indonesia, anambas
one of my does is supposed to be pregnant but I not sure if she is pregnant. I got her (lady) ruffle a month ago. After three days I decided to put her with the new buck that I got in the same time and my other buck how doesn’t have the best history with being het sterile. i thought that I should probably mention this before I got her she was with her litter of 4 (two had already been sold so there were 6). I figured that if lady lifted then she was ready to breed and she lift right away and I got 5 or 6 falloff’s from both bucks(she looked like she owned the place on the first day lol). I weigh my rabbits regularly and these are her weight in the last month
1.67 kg (17/5/22) day of breeding. 1.72 kg (23/5/22) the weight gain could be because she was recovering from having nursing babies. 1.78 kg (29/5/22). 1.71 (3/6/22) she got sickish for three days right before this and she didn’t eat much in these three days. 1.71 (8/6/22) I would assume that she should have gained if she was pregnant?
Today i felt her tummy very very gentle and I could feel something but i’m not sure what it was I also felt my other does belly and I’m 100 percent sure that she’s pregnant and I sure I felt babies (I might have even felt they heart beats! I might have imagined it though). It’s day 29 for lady and day 30 for chili. if I put lady with a buck do you think i could tell by her behavior (the rabbits around here are very opinionated)? I can’t believe I just write that long of a post. all help is appreciated!