Pregnant doe filling in her burrow?

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May 26, 2021
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Humboldt County
I have a pregnant doe who has previously kindled in a burrow in the yard. (This was when I thought her best friend was a girl...) Since then she has had other babies inside the large hutch I built for her, with a separate, enclosed space for her littles. Well, now she is pregnant again and began to dig a new burrow behind her cage, but within her corral (she also gets occasional run of the yard). I saw her furiously packing it full of hay as I thought of the sad fact that she should not kindle in there. Then, not but one hour later, it looked as though a skid steer came and flattened it out. She is only about 2 weeks in and is not doing anything inside the cage. Was it not good enough? Was it just practice? What is she doin? Has anyone seen this?