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If I add both numbers and divide by two, idk if that's how it works, but...
Funny how the % rise slows each time! 🤔
No wonder people call it pure by 4th or 5th generation!!

0 by 100, 50 . 1st gen
50 by 100, 75. 2nd gen
75 by 100, 87.5. 3rd
87.5 by 100, 93.75. 4th
93.75 by 100, 96.875. 5th
96.875 by 100, 98.4375. 6th
98.4375 by 100, 99.21875. 7th
99.21875 by 100, 99.609375. 8th
99.609375 by 100, 99.8046875. 9th
99.8046875 by 100, 99.90234375. 10th
99.90234375 by 100, 99.951171875. 11th.....
It starts moving to each non-nine character after the decimal point. Wow. "True" pure would take forever!
Three generations is good for a pedigree. :) Just saying.....
Ugh, a rough day and all my fault!

I fudged up due dates on Lynx. She had 7, all too far gone. If I got to them an hour or two sooner, I could of saved them. One came back to life, only to wiggle a little, then pass. Sire was new Rex buck.

Then Grumpy lost 2 kits that jumped out.

Gave Lynx a nest to sit in and sulk.
Gave Amber a nest just in case I F-ed her date, too. She pulled fur. Bred to both 3-5 & new SF bucks.

In good news...
Watched Blu have her kits! 6 or 7. Sire is the new ped buck!
Screenshot_20230310_120846_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230310_120855_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230310_120901_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230310_120914_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230310_120928_Video Player.jpg

#14 bred to 3-5 SF buck.
Onyx bred to 3-5 SF buck.
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45's kits, looks like these grew a bit faster than the previous litter.

Not posed. Will have to redo posing on the biggest does, then decide who to keep & cull the rest at the end of the week.
Still not posed.
Besides the runt, the SF sired ones are all a good amount larger. Rex sired are smaller. Thinking of keeping the choc mutt doe and making my own rex furred meat line through the SF, since it might be 🤦🏽‍♀️
Things that are impossible to decide on...

C on top, A on bottom
C is 4.94#. Better shoulders & side profile.
A is 5.20#. Better hind shot & better silvering.

Video Collage Maker_ZqpsQG.pngVideo Collage Maker_YCoPvE.pngVideo Collage Maker_zDUJfI.png

Parents. They're a pair of sad sacks.

The doe from previous same pairing. Didn't weigh at 9wk, but at 10wk. Was 4.8.4# then, slower growing than both above.
Screenshot_20230213_154709_Video Player.jpg

Guess I'll keep doe A...idk. 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
Looking at these, none are worth keeping this current go around.
▪︎Older Lynx kit
10wk, 4.4.1 doe
▪︎Younger Lynx kits
10wk vs 13wk
3.10.7 vs 4.63 doe
3.10.5 vs 4.66 buck
3.11.4 vs 4.37 doe

Looking at these, buck looks crappy, so I'll either keep the mutt doe & breed back to rex n hope growth continues to be good or keep nnone.what to do...
▪︎Older Amber kits
3.8.8 doe, lilac otter
▪︎Younger Amber kits
Mutt, 4.37 doe, choc
Rex, 3.87 buck, half nose castor
Blu squashed a broken kit. Redid the nest to move kits over & put out hay in cage for mom to lay on instead of the nest.

Got posed pics of everyone, except Onyx.

Removed Speckle nest.

Things that are impossible to decide on...

C on top, A on bottom
C is 4.94#. Better shoulders & side profile.
A is 5.20#. Better hind shot & better silvering.

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Parents. They're a pair of sad sacks.
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The doe from previous same pairing. Didn't weigh at 9wk, but at 10wk. Was 4.8.4# then, slower growing than both above.
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Guess I'll keep doe A...idk. 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

I forgot about the choc sister from that same litter! 🤦🏽‍♀️
5#, not really anything great, besides color. Lol
Previous choc doe at same age was 4.8.4#.
So, if I keep this choc, I'll see who has better adult shape & then cull. But do I keep the better shaped black? Ughhh.
$415 in the red.
Add $31 in water parts. Add $25 in bins for water.
$471 in the red.

Minus 50 in 2 bun sales. Makes it 421.

Since the chickens don't have a red list, as they're DH's problem, they're sales will be for the buns.
2 rooster sale at 20. And door sale at 50. 70 to put to buns.
421-70=$351 in the red.

There are people always "interested", but are so wishy washy. They get so mad when they contact after cull day. As if they didn't have warning of when it would happen and that they didn't vanish or change things around and not contact in time. 🙄
After sleeping in her nest nonstop for a week, Amber had her kits!
Bred to new & old SF bucks.
Excited to see what colors those bucks are hiding.
Screenshot_20230318_090839_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20230318_090825_Video Player.jpg
I should of planned this better or at all, but i didn't. Because it's now lambing time & it's such a pain caring for adults, but add nests as well... 🤦🏽‍♀️ Bad, bad, me! 😵‍💫