New here from the Alien Capital of the World...Roswell NM lol

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Aug 11, 2023
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Roswell NM
My name is Cassie. My rabbitry is named Alien Nation Rabbitry, and I raise and sell Standard Rex for show, meat, and pelt.
I've had Rex for the past 2 yrs. Before that, I had Flemish Giant and New Zealand. I've fallen in love with the Rex, though. They are certainly my favorite. I'm looking forward to learning more about genetics and learning the genetic lingo. I'm trying to learn about self and non-extension (I'm not understanding some of this lingo YET), but I'm here to learn, so I can predict more color possibilities within my herd. Although, Everbreed does predict some. I'm a small rabbitry, so I'm only dealing with 3M/3F. So far, I'm produced chocolates, (black, chocolate, and lilac) otters, black, lilac, broken black and broken lilac. I may be adding a Lynx doe soon, as well.