I'm new here, so here's some info about me and my operation

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Aug 15, 2023
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Avoca, NY
I've been stalking the forums for a while but now I'm finally a member. We bought 23 acres of land a year ago and have been trying to become self sufficient as much as possible. We started with meat rabbits and chickens. Everything is new to me. Everything. However I've successfully raised a few liters now and none of my grown rabbits have had any serious issues. We even butchered and ate our first group of rabbits a few months ago and plan to process another batch in a few weeks. We named our homestead Sweet Baby Acres. My husband works full time for New York State and I'm a stay at home mom due with my fourth baby in November. Most of the homestead stuff falls to me, which I knew would happen and I was prepared for it. Any advice or tips are appreciated! I'm revamping my cage system to be all wire for easier cleaning and sanitation and I plan to hang them in the barn. Currently they're sitting on wood stands I built which are disgusting after the whole summer. My grow outs are all in a tractor in the yard and they love it. I love seeing them so happy even if it takes a little longer for them to grow to butchering weight. I have 4 does and 2 bucks at the moment that I'm rotating for breeding, two does at a time. I will be stopping breeding before I have my own baby and then starting again in time to have babies for sale by Easter.
So that's a little bit of background info. I look forward to learning from you all!
Congratulations on the farm and Baby.

Lurk around here and you will find differing views that bring us all back to our bunnies (Meat or Pet).

I have seen ideas on here that I plan to put to use as they were so close to what I was thinking of doing but look to be even better. I have also come across views that I do not agree with, but have made me think and some that have made me revise my own thoughts on the subject. Many helpful tips and there are several people that are very knowledgeable that have given me information I never would have thought to look up on my own.

Aside from no eggs, Rabbits, in my opinion, are the best starters for homesteaders and farmers. As all parts can be used immediately (poop in the garden).

Best wishes to you and yours!
So happy to have you here! The stay-at-homestead mom phenomenon is growing and we love to see it! We're super new too and also started with chickens and buns, do you keep them together?

I've been thinking of adopting my fourth since they've been bugging me for another sibling! 😩 I'm done having babies. Didn't even mean to get the last one lol! Oh well, sometimes lucky ones just find a spot and thrive!

You go mama 👏 can't wait to read more of your posts!

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