Hey, im new and i have a couple questions

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Aug 8, 2023
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Thank you so much yall are life savers but, what if I don't have birch or those kind of trees in my area could I give them like the pine and red Wood branches? Or would that hurt them also do you have any other suggestions? Like other things to get to be prepared? Also should I prepare to hand raise kits?
Wejust started with silver fox a few months ago. New mother did everything right, so I wouldn’t overly stress about hand raising them due to abandonment, or something of that nature. But - in our case our mother suffered an injury 2.5 weeks after birth that forced us to intervene and hand feed the babies. We don’t know the cause (which happens sometimes)and she eventually had to be put down. Super stress on our part because everything had been going so well. Then all of a sudden the babies and a lame mother became our priority and we were caught off guard. You can take a look at my threads in doe and kindling topic to see the great advice we received. (Cecotrope and too much formula threads). In hindsight we were way too worried in some regards. 3 week old kits can make it without a mother if kept together and fed hay and pellets, for example. We didn’t know this until we got on the forum. Finding out greatly eased our concern. I wish we had “chairflown the mission” (a term us old military flyers use which means to think about everything that can go wrong and plan accordingly.). It would have saved us some sleepless nights and lots of stress. Best of luck with your Silver Foxes!