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Rebekah Lawrence

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May 17, 2023
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I've been raising meat rabbits since I was eleven, for four years now. I started out with two New Zealand White/Californian cross does (one was already bred to a Californian buck) and a Silver Fox buck. Now I have a lot more rabbits, although my only purebreds are a Silver Fox doe and a NZW doe. I will be looking for purebred Californians and NZWs in the future.
I've been experimenting with grass and hay because I don't really want to keep feeding my rabbits mostly pellets. I have 9 rabbits on a 100 percent grass diet right now, and they are doing great!
Searching for threads on this forum has been really helpful with up all sorts of things! It will be nice to post things myself when I can't find it anywhere else, though. I'm also interested in any information about the Astrex gene, but I'll be posting about that in a different section.

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