Does fighting through cage/dividers?

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Aug 22, 2022
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Volcano, Hawaii
My two does each have their own cage that are in one structure but separated by 3 layers of wire- cage wire and then mesh on either side.
These buns have always hated each other, ever since I brought them home last July. I was initially hoping to bond them so they could share a yard, but I’ve given up on that idea pretty quick, and now they each get half the day with access to the yard. The problem is even with the cage wire separating them they still try to go at each other like in the video I’m attaching. Does anyone have any tips on getting them to calm down enough to stop trying to attack each other through the wire? It makes me sad to see them stressed like this.

The orange one is 10 months old and the grey one is 4, in case that helps. I’ve never had rabbits before so I’m really grateful for any experiences or tips anyone wants to share.


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