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    Breeding my first litter

    In order for any kits to be “patched” you would need what’s called the broken gene in rabbits. It’s called broken, and it’s easy to remember because it “breaks up” the rabbit’s color with blotches of white. Oversimplification: Most breeders who breed for “patched” rabbits breed a solid color to...
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    Bloated Baby Bunnies

    Simethicone infant gas drops. Half a dropper full into the formula that’s mixed up each day.
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    (GRAPHIC) Deformed kits wtf happened here?

    Check your feed. I have had malformed kits exactly like this, and my feed was recalled for gross heavy metals- way beyond limits stated on the tag. changed feed and never had a problem again.
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    Have a chuckle...

    So… did Fatso get renamed? Bullseye, maybe? Hahaha.
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    Help with injured, pregnant doe

    I don’t mean to be rude or terse, here. That being said, quit messing with an at full gestation momma! Especially a dwarf. If she’s growly at you, that’s your first sign to leave her the heck alone. You know she’s very close to kindling! So leave her be. 30 days gestation is an average. They...
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    Yeepers.... Hello again from a Zombie Rabbiteer.

    I’ll trade you my knowledge of shaded everything for your steel! I can’t imagine having steels. And yet, sable is super easy for me. It be like that sometimes, no? Lol.
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    Best way to improve?

    1.) take a breath. It’s rabbits, not rockets, it’s almost impossible to screw up. And if you do screw up, most times it’s fixable. You got this 2.) Do you know what line breeding is? Line breeding is what many breeders who have established (or are trying to establish) their own bloodlines use...
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    A new pair of Californian rabbits

    I personally like NZ’s so much better than Cals. Personality can’t be beat when the NZ are sweet ones. Make sure that the parents make weight if you’re looking at buying your two for meat production or show. Too many these days don’t.
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    Misshapen ear? Ear mites?

    In my experience with Holland’s, ear carriage issues almost always stem from the crown being too narrow or the base of that skull just not substantial enough to support the drape of those ears in that individual. Holland’s are not what I would consider an “easy breed” because they do have so...
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    Rabbit HATES Dieting

    Hmmm. Your vet probably told you to decrease his pellets because there have been studies that decreased protein in the hind gut can prevent stasis in a stasis prone rabbit. Oxbow Adult rabbit is 14% protein if I remember correctly. Since he’s a pet house bun, I’d honestly switch him over to a...
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    Animal Wanted Searching for Jersey Wooly Rabbitry

    Hi there! Are you still looking? We have an amazing shaded JW program, and I’m sure we could find you a buck to match your Sable doe. We are located in Wyoming.
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    transport to US from Canada

    As far as I know, they’re not allowing it because the US is experiencing some major hot spot explosions of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Virus right now. So the airlines took them off the “approved species” list.
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    Nervous young doe

    NZ from my experience tend towards either end of the personality spectrum. They’re either super nice and sweet or they’re cage aggressive turds. This breed as a whole really does well with the implementation of “breed the best, eat the rest”. Some breeders don’t mind having a snorty, stomping...
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    Rabbit Dewormer

    Fenbendazole. 20 mg/kg is the dosage I use. Cheapest way is the Safeguard liquid goat dewormer or generic equivalent. I use a syringe and squirt in mouth.
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    Second stillborn litter

    Danimshell, that’s a tough one. If it were me, and her genetics were valuable to me, I would let her heal up and try again with either a non-lop buck or a buck with a very small crown. Nothing with a big head! A good month or two, at least, of rest and make sure there wasn’t any damage to her...