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      arachyd reacted to ida1416's post in the thread Rabbit sick/in pain with Sad Sad.
      Update: rabbit was humanely dispatched. At 6 in the morning her belly was a bit softer but still big as a balloon and she had given up...
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      arachyd replied to the thread Domestic Pegions.
      I've raised both pigeons and ring-necked doves. I have more experience with the doves so I'll comment on those. They don't mind being...
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      arachyd reacted to eco2pia's post in the thread Bad tempered buck with Like Like.
      Bad tempered is usually a hormonal female thing. I would never tolerate a bad tempered buck. I have had male kits that were precociously...
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      arachyd reacted to AShelBunny's post in the thread Welp with Like Like.
      She was pregnant! She just had one kit! That we saw!
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      arachyd replied to the thread Welp.
      I had one rabbit that consistently pulled hair at 2 weeks after a breeding. She pulled more when she was about to kindle and was a great...
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