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Jul 17, 2010
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It got stolen by the dogs and slobbered on but here is our first cat killed mouse. Hopefully many will follow but mouse activity has already greatly reduced. We returned Misaki's kill to her in the kitchen where dogs can't go. She insists she's a wild cat that must eat rodents and not cat food.

Living in the country, I know the value of a good mouser.

Just make a note to worm Misaki once in a while if she does eat her kills.

yeah. mice.

I've kept tinkering about live mouse traps for years. Now I use regular rat traps to kill mice (they ran off and discarded mouse traps). It's a shame I don't have chickens anymore to reuse that protein....
Oh, good kitty! We've got awesome mousers. They also eat bats, moles, voles, fish (yes, they fish in the stream), birds, chipmunks... I love a good mouser! :)
Yay! Good kitty!

Hopefully she will quickly kill all of his little wives as well. :clover:
Unfortunately Josh used my camera on a spider ID and now I can't find it. I will probably have to shove the broom under the bed again. Miyu got to try out a mouse which if you saw how tiny and fluffy she is you would know just how amusing that idea is. This one fell in a hedgehog cage and the hedgehog hadn't killed it yet. After the "what is that?" and "OMG! it touched me!" she pinned it's tail down and investigated it. She bit it once behind the head but doesn't have the jaw strength to kill it. That was a good enough lesson and I wasn't going to leave the mouse to be tortured so it was humanely put down and given to Misaki. Miyu only eats cat food. She recently discovered that sometimes humans eat things that are good but mostly she demands cat food. Miyu is a spoiled, domesticated house cat. Not a wild, feral raised Misaki cat. I still think Miyu might be better than expected at slaughtering some mice. It will just be in fun and left to rot (hopefully we find it before then) instead of for a snack.

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