@#$&@$!! RATS!!! Rat proofing project.

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The saga continues, slowly. I got one out of 3 floors done yesterday, the mama cage was first--she won't mind me fussing around with everyone else but she is due this next week, so I wanted her settled first.

Before I started on that I leveled and cleaned the chicken run floor, so I would be kneeling on a level surface at least while I worked. I found extensive rat tunneling in the floor.
View attachment 40776

Luckily the dog helped me dig them out!

(hopefully that video runs--he was soooo happy that I was LETTING him dig!)

I moved the mama doe into the bucks cage and put him in a carrier while I worked. She is the sweetest doe, gentle and kind, but she actually grunted and grumbled at me when I came to pick her up to put her back in her cage. She is visibly very pregnant. Poor girl, I know how you feel! Here is the new flooring in the space, it was a pain to get it in there. I did not think it would ever flatten out. View attachment 40777

But it did...with eleventy million stainless steel zipties!
View attachment 40778

Its solid and sturdy and presumably now rat proof, but there are already a select few poops sitting on it, refusing to fall thru! 😢

Good doggie!
Trouble I've found is that the rats will search for a way in, a 1" hole is like an open invitation. So that means that roof sections, sidewalls, around J-feeders/water bottles all need to be covered with the 1/4 to 1/2" hardware cloth. Such a pain.
yeah the tomkat blocks seem to get totally ignored here too. They are shockingly smart. I kind of figured if I could make it taste like chicken feed I might have a chance--I am considering liquid poison and treating actual chicken feed and loading a bait station with it.

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