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Nov 30, 2022
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Western Ny
Hi . I have 2 little dogs. Whenever i gave them raw beef bones they got bloody diarrhea. I want to make dog food and treats of the leftovers and organs from butchering our meat rabbits and I wanted the forums opinion on how best to do that.

I've made a homemade recipe using the meat I pulled of carcass when I did rabbit stock, but I added cod liver oil and they vomited and got diarrhea on that!, I think bc I probably had too much vitamin A, from the CLO. Any thoughts.
Post some recipes if you have little dogs that do well on rabbit and their organs. Can you give too much organ meat?
Thank you.
I'm working up to raw feeding with my dogs. I'm in a fb group of people that use different methods and this is what my notes are...

Diet make up-
65% muscle meat
15% organ muscle meat
(heart, gizzard, tongue, eggs)
12-18% bone (poultry bone, sheep, goat, pork neck/rib)
10% organ
(liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, sweet breads, brain)

Whole quail 10% bone, 90% meat
Whole rabbit 28% bone, 72% meat

Some people consider feeding the whole carcass like rabbit and quail to be balanced in itself because you're feeding the whole thing.
My advice with little dogs is START SLOW.

Just like humans, (and rabbits!) dogs have gut bacteria that adapts to what they eat. If they have been eating kibble their whole life, they may have trouble suddenly digesting raw meat.

They are little, so give them little bits each day and work up to it. Let them have less than a quarter of the volume they usually get in kibble as raw meat of the same protein type as their kibble (chicken in most dog food), and then feed the rest kibble, gradually upping the amount and variety of raw food until they have more robust systems. Every time you introduce something new (like organ meats) do it a bite at a time until they can eat it without upset tummies. This will start slow, but once they are consistently getting meat they will rapidly be able to adapt to new or different meats.
i echo the start slow and add ... you may wish to cook it all first. It's easier to give little bits when its all cooked up. You can fry it a pan (but that might add too much fat for your little dogs), or use some broth and cook it in the oven. Then you can store it in the fridge or freezer in serving size amount. Then if you want to eventually feed it raw you can cook it less and less until they are able to handle it in a raw form. This may take more time than you think, or less, depending on how they adapt.

Another option is to dehydrate it all.

Can you give too much organ? yes, but once they adapt you can play around with amounts a bit better.

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