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Moved 2 of Sugar's kits to cull cage. Culled a Fennel kit for leg injury. Culled a Ebony kit for gut illness.
Moved the 2 rex furred Unity kits out.

Rex ones are always markedly smaller.
Interesting on the posing from the sale pic vs you posing them. This is some I've always looked at when posing. At what point is it adjusting them to be in pose and where does it become squishing and holding to look good or better or more correct? I don't care to get into showing but if I ever go to a rabbit show I'd love to chat with a judge and how they pose rabbits during a show. If I was at a show and posing animal after animal it's easier to really see the differences.
There's like 29-30 if all kept now. That's 10 too many.
Ella is listed, Unity sold, Yynx & Jessi listed, Jasper & Baymax listed. Won't cull Baymax, though. Too attached to him.
Do I keep the young blue buck to replace Zippy or not? 14wks and 6.65#. What was Zippy? He was 8.30# at 5mo, but what about at 14wks? Left the notebook in the barn...

This says Zippy is the looser or they're almost equal??

11wk and 5 days is almost 12wk. Other is just 11wk, so, 5 days less of growth. But had to switch feed recently, so, Aqua buck may actually be faster, right??

Which would you keep??
Should I keep both to watch how the younger grows??
Seems to have a little more depth than Zippy.
Same sire, Rivian.
Screenshot_20240605_190912_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20240605_190949_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20240605_190921_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20240605_190943_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20240306_175518_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20240306_175529_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20240306_175538_Video Player.jpgGridArt_20240606_184034587.jpg
Ella kits. 5 born, at 4.5wk, only 2 are left. A regular furred and a rex furred. At 9wk, 3.01 & 4.23#, but that's a fake weight, since only 2 were left, so all that extra milk was for just the two. So, I shouldn't keep the regular fur, right??
Gawd, why is this so difficult?!

Comparing 4.5wk weight of rex furred that was just 2 kits, so fast growth, to the Goliath 4.5wk kits....
1.36 vs 1.48 & 1.24.

Have 4wk rex weights and 5wk rex weights to compare, 1.05 & 0.97 are their averages. So, these Goliath kits are growing faster currently!
Collected some berries for the buns. Then moved kits in with mom while I added hay and lowered the nests for when they start venturing out. Moms soon started eating it, most will be gone by tomorrow! 😅
Lastly, Sugar got a nest.
14 is not feeding her kits!! One dead. Moved rest to Ella nest and shelved her kits for the night. I did try to put them on 14, she has milk so idk wtf she's doing! They didn't get anything out of her. I don't get it, since i can express milk from all teats. So pissed off. Glad I didn't cull her previous doe, because I'm getting rid of 14 now!


Ella fed-

Held her to feed her own litter, then put water n pellets in the extra nest they're living in. Size is too huge to let them stay with the fosters, they stomp them and make them scream.
The foster kits are doing great with their new mom. Her actual kits were moved to their own cage and I hold mom for them to eat.
Hoping Sugar has her kits & has room for the 4 fosters.
1 dead, 3 dead at early stages, mummies?

One of the 4 RM14 kits died, stepped on I'd guess, full of milk.

Took out Widy and put her with Ella kits.

Mew sf and kits.
3 fosters are very full!

Sugar kits growing!

Wondering if I can build a long bank barn type of building on the hill for the buns. It's naturally so, so cool and breezy! It's very far from any power source or water, though. But it sure would be less of a sweaty chore, for me and the buns. 🤔

Oh. The blue Aqua buck got violent with me yesterday. So his hide is in the freezer and and rest of him dogfood!
One less mouth to feed.

Fennel kits are much more curious and friendly, now in the big housing.

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