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Always gotta be mashed together. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Idk, they keep changing. Was hoping I could narrow it down to two, but guess I have to keep waiting.
Video Collage Maker_ahvJrg.pngVideo Collage Maker_2OG5ob.pngVideo Collage Maker_Z78Gnx.png

1st litter pair.
Doe's shoulder is changing, ugh, but weight is good. Buck's shape is nice.
Video Collage Maker_rEzRVt.pngVideo Collage Maker_C4CLLD.png
Mutty's kits.
Didn't pose last two, since I realized that I can't tell the 3 blacks apart & they're only 6wks & tiny. I'm thinking all will be culled, along with mom & the sire.
One is biggest, but awful shape. Two have great shape, but small.
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Finally made some graphs!
I need to mark wean dates & temperature changes, as I'm pretty sure the sudden cold was a problem. The scale swapping/troubles also shows up. I don't think weaning, at 7+ weeks, affected anything.

I didn't start them on their first weigh day, whoopsies.

Fostered castor buck is clearly above everyone else. Can't keep him nor compare him to the others because of that.

I could physically see these not growing and plateauing, but they bounced back nicely.

This one, since I can't tell them apart, I did clusters for the litter instead of individual lines. Not many because there's multiples of the same weight.

Well, all steadily gaining, lol.
No new kits yet. But Grumpy's mystery kit has got to be chocolate.

Used pen to mark the 9 black SF kits. Looking into other types of pens that may last longer.

4522. She moved when I was taking the rear shot. Gotta get new pics of everyone.
It's nice when you can order something one evening and wake up to it delivered, for free, the next morning. And having a $20 coupon used on it to boot.
I need more coupons though, as I'm now down to needing 11 more
I think 4522 will get 2 trays. And then I can give one to Amber & 11 or put two under Grumpy or Lynx. 🤔
Decided that Amber & 11 needed the pans more for now.
Scraped out the mess 4522 made and used bricks to raise the pans.

4 more pans and all the currently filled cages will be covered.

No new kits yet. Ugh.
4522 SF 10 kits-
chocolate doe 2.11.8
yellow 2.9.5
blue 2.4.5
red 2.8.7
purple 2.8.7
orange 2.12.0
black 2.9.6
green 2.9.4
no color 2.6.4
white 2.7.2

Mutty kits-

SF 2 kits-
buck 4.2.8
doe 5.2.4

Grumpy's kits-

Got some oil markers, supposedly lasts weeks. As long as it lasts long enough to redo before I can't tell color, it's fine. The black sharpie is 2 days old and some already iffy to read.
She actually had 5 live, not 4!
Bottom cardboard is soaked. Went to replace it & found 1 extra kit & dry hay under them all. So, didn't need to clean.
This is the top half i peeled off. Really covers them up nicely.

And the mystery Grumpy kit IS chocolate! Plus the cute tort & blacks.
20221211_140204.jpgScreenshot_20221211-144941_Video Player.jpg20221211_142230.jpg20221211_142239.jpg
Decided to list/butcher broken black from Grumpy.
Opal from Lynx jumped up in weight.
Have a few cull marked from the other litters & a few marked to watch/potentially keep back. Just need to get pics for listing them.

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