Nervous rabbit doesn’t play or eat much

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Apr 19, 2022
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I recently (2 weeks ago) adopted a 2 year old netherland dwarf. He’s very nervous but seems to want to explore. He has had a run around in the garden and enjoyed but when he’s inside he just sits in his cage and doesn’t play with any toys. When I adopted him I spotted he had very overgrown teeth and after two days of barely eating I took him to the vets. The vet had to perform emergency surgery and sadly his breathing stopped but was thankfully resuscitated. I then had to give him medicine via syringe twice a day. He lets me pick him up and give him the medicine but then he becomes skittish. Ideally, I wouldn’t be picking him up and forcing medicine in his mouth so early 😂 I’m scared his trust for me is going. He doesn’t eat fresh food, very reluctantly anyway. I think he might have been mistreated or neglected in his previous home. He’s also extremely cautious of my boyfriend.
Any tips on how I can make his home a more welcoming place and make him enjoy his time?

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