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Jan 5, 2010
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Barrie Ontario
I'm not sure what to call this girl? Especially genetically. Is she genetically a black or genetically a blue? Or both? How does both work? I'm confused.


The Blue extends down under her belly.


(P.S. I've been MIA for a while, my virus program refused to let me come on this site for a very long time).
Dutch marked
I know of only two ways to get it, du du - dutch pattern
OR half Vienna can do it too when crossed to a broken pattern (I have been told and shown) Vv with Eses

as for the middle mix, if it's an agouti it could have ej-harlequin or just have the shaft color distributed like that due to pattern, much like how the harlequin spreads the shaft color in to strips (horizontally)
I've seen this before, although the name for it escapes me. I've seen blue dilute spots on black rabbits, and orange(non extension) spot on one of my own kits. I had some very straight forward Mini Rex lines(Kings) they carried nothing, no dilute, no tort, and so I was adding in the genes I wanted. Crossed in a blue tort, got a black kit with a small orange spot. Almost like it was expressing that it carried non-extension. Saw it another time too, on an adult buck. Had a line of orange on it. And then the spot of blue on the black rabbit. Its not melanistic something, darn I can't remember. Wait, wait- its an anopthic spot, thats what its called in dogs, where there's a patch of dilute color on a black dog, or even a merle dog, gotta find the site-

I know its not rabbits its dogs but its the same premise, I have a merle girl with the same problem, areas that should be black are a dark dilute blue instead, its very common in merles but can occur in self dogs too.
Devon, I saw this exact same phenomenon on a rabbit on someone's website. (I have been looking at Dutch for a while now.) I can't find it again, but I did a double take because I thought it was THIS rabbit, it was identical. As I recall, it said it is a throw back to the tri-color Dutch heritage which I guess was actually one of the original colors overseas?

Is this one of the ones you lost? :(
Yes we just lost her yesterday morning :( She was a tough girl made it through the first bit and was eating and drinking, but apparently concentrations of the drug are highest later on in the lungs, liver, and the skin and ears,< (where you need it) Her lungs and her kidneys just shut down in the end.

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