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Nov 30, 2022
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Western Ny
Saw a black mink scurrying around yesterday. Years ago had even someting bigger more like a Fisher and even weasels (gray) tormenting my chickens.
I have my hutches all surrounded by electric fence. A few of my grow outs are in Wabbitat brand cages with wider slots and Im a bit wigged out that the mink will get in. My solar electric fence sometimes goes low due to No Sunshine!!!!! Due Chemtrails taking over the sky and i had to bring my unit in to charge . Whats your best trap method? I have conabear kill traps but read work best for mink in tubes. I dont Havaheart for anything thst messes with my animals😠
Solar and not enough energy stored for long winternights has everything to do with angle of earth in relation to the sun and therefore how much area one unit of sunlight touches. Here EU and 52 northern lattitude solar panels in winter give 1/5th (if lucky) to 1/10 of mid summer power. It is a not spoken of by sellers but otherwise well known problem that solar panels don't make much between november and march this far north. Also cold and batteries are a bad combo.
So for your electric get a second battery and swap them out regularly. If you can disconnect the parts of the unit and place the battery somewhere with some insulation to keep the temperature more stable above freezing would help (mind ventilation though some batteries ofgas and you don't want those fumes near anything living or just staying in the container).
Thanks for the reminder to get a spare battery. Im at 43 degree latitude, but geoeineering definitely contributes. Clear blue sky at sun break, planes fly by high, in a few hours, sky is completely hazed.
I have the solar panel angled at 36 degrees for winter, but what you say makes sense, thanks.
for weasels you need to small trap, nearish a water source, and covered. they aren't likely to go into an exposed trap. a fresh meat source will help draw them in. (dead chick, dead newborn rabbit, some of lasts night steak...) They are very curious animals so you can make that work for you. :)