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May 21, 2023
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We live in SE Oregon and work for a large cattle ranch. We had meat rabbits for a couple of years but my health got bad. 3 joint replacements later I am out of wheelchair and starting over. I picked up 2 young 1/2 Silver Fox 1/2 NZ does and a NZ buck. They won’t be ready to breed until around September. That gives me time to relearn what I need to do as far as feeding and health maintenance. I lost my good LGD’s and my sheppie (also my Service Dog) that helped take care of all my stock. A week after my 2nd Maremma LGD passed away, the predators moved in and slaughtered all our chickens and ducks in one night. I have a new pup that isn’t as savvy as my last, so he’s not much help. The rabbits are in a triple stack on back porch until I find another Livestock Guardian to keep the raccoons and bobcats away. Looking forward to an education in rabbitry TIAIMG_3827.jpeg