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These are our new addition. Found an entire rabbitry for sale on Craigs List. It included everything to get going!
Each doe has had 6 successful liters. They are all around 2 years old. The kits are 7 weeks now.


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Is the black rabbit your Flemish Giant? If so, how old?
That is great that you were able to get a complete setup.
But if you are a crazy rabbit person like me, you will need more cages. LOL
He is about 2 and a half, so i was told. He is a sweetie.
All of them had free for all food and im trying now to slowly reign them in to a healthier weight range. I have a hutch that houses 3. One stand alone cage, and 3 grow out cages. It was a great deal. Thxs.
He is about 2 and a half, so i was told. He is a sweetie.
I have a purebred black doe. She is around 18 pounds and not quite 9 months old. Flemish are super personable and will follow you around like a dog. Purebred adult Flemish weigh anywhere between 14-25 pounds.

If he is kept solely in a cage, it will affect his health as he will get fat and probably depressed. (unless it's a huge cage) They need lots of room to help them stay healthy. I let my doe out in the morning while feeding the others. She runs around the rabbitry and today she ventured into the chicken yard. Her cage is only 36"X30" and way too small. I am currently preparing a 3'X6'X30" cage for her.

Again welcome and congrats on your new venture!
How much does your doe eat?
Petra eats very little. Maybe a cup of pellets per day plus a little timothy hay. I fill her feeder, but she never even eats half of it. I do treat all my rabbits to a tablespoon of BOSS/oat mix each morning. She drinks lots of water. Petra is definitely an easy keeper, which is why it is even more important for me to get her out of her cage.
My 5 month old FG, Pearl, eats even less. She is just over 11 pounds and growing.
As much as I would like to, they don't get out everyday. When it is 0* here, it's just not happening.

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