Hello, Can someone please help me and tell me what my Rabbit has and what I can do to treat him?

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Jun 4, 2022
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I woke up this morning to go feed my Rabbit as usual and I placed pellets and veggies in his bowls. He usually gets excited and walks to me ready to eat but he stayed in one spot today. I placed the food down and he didn’t go to it. I went to my Rabbit and moved him around but he couldn’t move. When I tried to move him, he would make noises. I lifted parts of his fur and on his bottom back and legs, there was no fur and I could see the bare skin, it was red and I could see what I think are his veins. I took a veggie and brought it close to his face and he immediately started biting it. So he can move his head perfectly and his ears. The only thing that he can’t move is the rest of his body. He can’t get up or walk or run around. When I pick him up and place him down, he wiggles to try to get comfortable but he can’t move his legs. I need someone to please tell me what they think is wrong and what I can do to help my Rabbit. Thanks.


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If in any way possible, see a vet.

Do you know how quickly this developed, when was the last time you remember this spot being ok?
If that is inflamed and causes his other problems I would say it's as serious as it can get, although I have no idea what this could be.
You might want to ask this question at the more pet centered forum too: www.rabbitsonline.net

Anyway, that doesn't replace seeing a vet asap.
It sounds to me as though your rabbit is paralyzed. The inflamed skin could be due to being unable to control his bladder and bowels. When was the last time you actually saw him hopping around in a normal way?

Sometimes when a rabbit is startled, it will panic and fling itself against the cage wall. If it injures it's spine that can cause temporary or permanent paralysis. You need to take him to a vet who understands rabbit injuries and illnesses.

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