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Aug 22, 2023
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Blue Ridge
Im Ange. I'm raising new zealands for meat, and im about a year in. So im very much a newbie! Ive made some mistakes but feel like im getting the hang of it.

I have a buck, Jack, and a broken red doe, harley, who are my primary pair. Theyve given me a total of 38 kits in the past year. We lost one litter because i fed iceberg at 3 weeks, 2 mistakes in one there. The rest have gone into the freezer except two does, harvey (the white rabbit) and bea. Bea is only 4 mos and isnt breeding yet. Harvey is 8 mos and was bred for the first time 2 weeks ago. Today we had to move them into the new barn and i think she aborted...i found bloody pee in her tray.

Overall tho i am loving the experience and the lessons along the way. I am also learning to use the furs.

We are in the mountains of va near the nc line. We also have chickens, and a gsd × Pyrenees who is my whole heart. Its nice to meet yall!
Welcome Ange! You’ll find a lot of great advice here. Sounds like you are well on you way with your buns. Regarding blood in your cage, my first time doe had the same thing. I was sure she had aborted. Yet, 2 weeks later she delivered 8 kits. All were in good shape except for one she didn’t clean up quickly enough. Pretty amazing animals.
Thank you!

As regards Harvey, i will give her to her due date and see what happens. I was also reading in another thread that they can lose partial litters and still deliver healthy kits. That is pretty amazing!

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