Genotyping my bucks and does (working with steel and red)

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May 10, 2021
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Northeastern USA
I'm working with two new buck/doe pairs this year, I'm trying to see what I can figure out what genes they carry for color so far.

Broken red doe to red buck - red, broken red - did this breeding twice with the same results
Steel doe to red buck - red and steel/"black" (doe had issues caring for this litter so they all just lived a week)
steel doe to steel buck - white, blue, "black"- I haven't seen any traces of gts just yet but they are just 4 weeks
broken red doe to steel buck - red, broken red, "black," broken "black" and broken steel- I'm really only sure on some of the brokens that they are definitely steel, others again don't seem to be showing gts as clearly as I've seen in past litters.

the steel doe and buck are both from a white doe carrying broken red and a steel buck. I had started with a really nice pair of "black" and broken "black" rabbits that I found out both carried steel. I then went on to find a red/broken red breeding quad from another breeder, but the rabbits were just not as good as my original pair, so I've been trying to cross them in hopes that I can get a line with the good qualities without the steel gene.
I believe that:
steel doe and buck are aa B- Cc Dd Ese enen
broken red doe is A- B- C- D- ee Enen
red buck is A- B- C- D- ee enen
I would love others input on the litter's expected genes or corrections to my thoughts.
I'm also confused on why I haven't gotten any coppers yet.

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