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May 2, 2022
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Hello everyone. My name is Sarah. I live in North Central Texas on an almost 2 acres small farm 15 plus miles from the nearest town any direction. I've been mother of 5 children and a dog breeder for longer than I've been with my husband who owned this place before we met and a Gardner and a chicken farmer ,, but all of that had come to a stop except breeding dogs a year before we met. When we married and I moved put to his place we started with chickens and grew and grew. We also had 2 goats along with those chickens at the time . Somehow God had different plans for us and we lost all of the chickens and goats. Lo g story short we waited another year and built and entirely bigger, better coop and we got more chickens ( last year) and have been 100% successful. Also, last year someone local wanted to get rid of their Californian shoe rabbits/ meat stock/ breeding stock and I gladly took them. They had belonged to a teenager and she no longer could show. They brought me 4 does and a buck and all in make shift cages except the one that was in a decent cage. When we received them her only stipulation was that she could come and visit them some. We were okay with that, she had one particular bunny she called Cola she wanted to see and I am sad to report that about 2 months after she left them here Cola had passed away. She was the eldest rabbit. Since we had no idea their age and there were no physical signs as to her death and her dirt and climate hadn't changed we had no idea and assumed it was age as of why she passed. We could also assume that Cola felt abandoned and lonely due to her companion leaving her. All the other rabbits have been perfectly fine. No issues and we have bought all new cages for them. Before those rabbits had arrived my aunt had given me a random rabbit about 2 years before that so when we had our 1st flock of chickens we had a random rabbit too that we were unsure the sex of or the breed. We called it jo jo rabbit. ( we were told it was a girl ) When we finally got more rabbits until we had secure cages we put 2 girls together snd would rotate who would share weekly out of the does so no one would feel any different than the other until we built our rabbitry. We quickly learned Jojo was a BUCK haha! Experienced breeders tell me he is a mini rex due to his satin like fur although he's mostly dark he has white on the nose, feet and tail. We recently inherited a champion shoe Lionhead rabbit that's pap who's papered that they called Darrell. I refuse to call him Darrell as the previous owners didn't call him that, they called him fluffy butt and I think Thumper is cute as he's done it a lot since he's been here. I have a 40x40 garden with, okra, green beans, zipper cream peas, sugar snap peas, purple hull peas, peppers of all kinds hot and sweet, all kinds of tomatoes big snd small, cantaloupe, watermelons and collard greens , corn and spinach, squash, cucumbers and I just keep adding..We love the farm life. My husband Chris grew up on a peanut farm while I grew up dairy farming we love our small Farm and plan to grow and do as much as we can with the land God has given us. We have wild plum and nearly all pecan trees on our place. Can't wait to get to know some of you rabbit farmers also and build long lasting relationships. Thanks!


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Nov 15, 2021
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<3 That's awesome! I have one doe I think is about two weeks pregnant. If so, this will my first litter as well. I'm working through what is going on with the other. I think she hates the buck we have. Haha. Time will tell.


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Nov 7, 2017
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Nice story and photo. Welcome, Sarah and Chris to RabbitTalk. Can you share some pics of your rabbits and other farm members too? Only if you get the chance. Thanks and enjoy the forum. :)