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Mar 10, 2022
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Oh yes me too, but one good thing is the way they come apart on the front you could flip the front down.. I dern near have to crawl in hell I might as well bed down with them too I get in so far. I have one cage someone gave me and the door on it is kinda odd it pushes into the cahe and flips upward. Biggest pain in me arse if u know what I mean. I'm going to redo the door asap before I just trash the whole dern thing. We have another that'll be a good grow out I think it's a 1.5x 3 ish and it's door is jacked up also..better fix it now I have a litter of 7 I hope survive considering my other mother killed 4/5 and ate half of the 5th..those were born 5/5 they all looked so healthy to me..
Lol I had cages with those doors that swing up and inward....hated them! Hopefully soon we will have the time and money to get started on our Flemish hutches.