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Antony Maina

Jan 21, 2024
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Have you ever find any intresting thing about Doves? If yes have you ever thought of domesticating them.
I've raised both pigeons and ring-necked doves. I have more experience with the doves so I'll comment on those. They don't mind being confined if they have enough room to exercise and fly a bit. Mine were in a very large cage indoors that would have housed a macaw comfortably. They seem to be perpetually laying eggs (every 3 weeks) and were unbelievably messy. If you have them in the house you'll be forever picking up feathers and dander because they like to flap their wings a LOT. Doves are also ridiculously loud indoors. Outside it's a pleasant sound but inside it will have you wearing ear plugs. Aside from the negatives, they are easy to tame and train, easy to feed, inexpensive (I got mine from a farmer auction), easy to breed, edible (both meat and eggs) and come in lots of nice colors. I enjoyed having them but one night a large black rat snake got into their cage and ate the babies and a couple of the younger adults. I knew it was the culprit because it couldn't fit back out through the cage bars with all it had eaten. I gave the survivors to a friend who was looking for some doves and my heart was no longer in it after that.

There are also a much smaller species, diamond doves, if you want something just for a pet.

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