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Feb 1, 2024
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Hey folks, after the 23298095th time of jabbing myself on the edge of a cage door, any suggestions on how to best cover up those tiny jaggies? I've trimmed them down best I can but obviously not enough. I've seen pics of some folks' cages with what looks like a little plastic lining over the door edges, what is that/where can I get some? Any DIY solutions that the rabbits won't nibble on (or is safe for them to do so)? Would electrical tape be safe?
Plastic Door Guards are what you are describing. If the rabbits are given ample space, wood chews, and enough food most should not chew on the door guards. Keep in mind, some may still have an acquired taste for plastic no mater what you do. Other options would be to use an grinding wheel to flatten out the sharp edges, we had to do this with our county fairs cages, works great if you are patient enough for it lol. Or flush edge wire cutters, though that is best used on the first cut/may not work trying to cut off the small nibs left over.

I would not use electrical or any other kind of tape. It is more likely for the rabbits to chew/eat it due to the soft texture, and it will wear out pretty fast. Just like with the cages themselves, it will probably be cheaper in the long run to spend more up front on quality materials, rather then trying to save a few bucks with a home made solution.
You can also get a roll of narrow aluminum flashing and bend it around the edge, then pinch it tight. I found some on Amazon that’s 1.5” wide. They make specialty pliers for bending it called “metal brakes.”

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