Champagne X Angora cross was a flop...

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May 24, 2012
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"Let's see what argent looks like on an angora!" I said to myself 2 years ago.
The result is not great....He's not even all that heavily silvered. He was absolutely a woolly baby, but since he shed into his big boy coat, he's just been...I don't know, but I wouldn’t call it woolly. :lol: He's not flaky or scratched up like he's itchy, he's just ugly and bald. :x He has toys to occupy himself and I've never seen him barber himself either. He went bald though December, but I didn't get any pics of him then.
It was like he molted, and it just never came back. The rest of his coat hasn't grown much either; it’s maybe 2″ at best.
So's this shameful trainwreck. :oops:


Weirdo bonus: he got along beautifully with his brother up until 6 months when I got hungry and decided to quit pushing my luck. I've had bad luck getting does to get along that long, so it was pretty weird to me.
SixGun":8n4rjmca said:
What an interesting coat. It usually doesn't come through at all in an F1 generation.
Actually his parents came from crossing the French to Champagne, so that would make him an F2, right?
Try as I might, all that F1 F2 F3 stuff goes over my head. :|
Somebody of the champagne ND page has a champagne fuzzy ND, that thing is adorable. The silvering is mostly in the guard hairs, so its not very visible in the wool (wool is dark gray), but the head is champagne colored
Nyctra":1dl9eq9n said:
SixGun":1dl9eq9n said:
What an interesting coat. It usually doesn't come through at all in an F1 generation.
Actually his parents came from crossing the French to Champagne, so that would make him an F2, right?
Try as I might, all that F1 F2 F3 stuff goes over my head. :|

Yes, that would make him an F2, and still a surprise to see the wool coming in even then. I think many people say F3 or more before any consistent wool. He's the lucky one.

Although his coat doesn't look HUGE, I've seen full blooded French with a very similar coat. I think he's awfully cute!
Ok I have tried this cross as well except using Satin Angora instead of French. They are amazing. The coats are phenomenal in F2 (2nd Generation) dense, silky and interesting in texture. Now that said I have a masters degree that has been littered with a preponderance of genetics classes from the micro to the macro. I'm also extremely picky, and that has played a larger role than anything. I refuse to risk type for coat. Currently I have recruited others to join my cause for Shiny Silver fibered rabbits. My current stock is an F1 Black Silvered foundation doe that is beautiful. She could pass for a silver fox. My other F1 are equally beautiful and are not related to my foundation doe. My F1 buck will be very busy come spring. My F2 does are not as heavily silvered more like stray whites here and there but the genetics are there and will produce it as I cross the F1 Buck to the F2 does. The F1 buck (his name is Duke), will also go back to the non related F1 Doe. This will double the silvering modifiers and up the likelihood for silvered wool. This cross will also be my most likely one to give silvered wool but I run into the issue of not knowing if any normal furred rabbits are wool carriers thus only wooly kits will stay from that cross.
F1 Doe

F2 Wooled Doe When she was 8 weeks old
Ok I know this original post was made over a decade ago. I have yet more updates for my fun genetics project, of creating Champagned (silvered) angoras. We welcomed our second round of true fully F2 crosses 3 weeks ago. They are amazing, Princess had 4 decently sized kits and 3 of the 4 will have wool. We ended up with 3 black (2 does & 1 buck) and 1 tort (buck) kit in the litter. I have an updated picture of the 8 week old doe from the picture in the post above. Just please note I am not responsible for damage to your device from excess drooling. She is expecting our first F3 litter in just a couple weeks, and her non-wooled sister is as well. I have all the documentation on the litters and progress of this cross written out in scientific journal fashion once all progress is ready I will be looking to publish my findings.
Picture of the same 8 week old doe

Color effect on the wool

Sheared wool

Guard hair abundance

Fully F3 Kits at 3 weeks
Black Doe Kit

Tort Buck Kit

Black Buck Kit

Black Doe Kit (2)

F2 Sister to Wooled doe

F1 Champagne Angora cross buck - Please don't mind molty coat weather had been up and down here the week and a half before this picture was taken.