Can rabbits survive 40 degree Fahrenheit weather?

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They will be happier than you will. They will like 40 degrees better than 75 or 80 degrees in fact. They are well built to handle cold as long as they have shelter from the rain and can get dry.
Can New Zealand rabbits survive the outdoors in 40 degree Fahrenheit weather? Or is this too cold for them?
True story...back in december '22 we had an arctic blast unheard of for SW virginia. It went down to -10 with windchills -22. My NZ doe had a 3 day old litter of 13 in an outdoor hutch with no electricity (lost power too...there was so much plumbing damage it was unreal) I was sure we'd lose all of them as well as my buck. Had everythijg tarped as best we could.

They all came thru it unphased. No losses at all.

Rabbits are incredibly hardy little critters. And heat and poor ventilation will get them faster than anything. Id say mine are most comfy at 40 to 50 degrees...and then with the windows open!
My New Zealands are in hanging wire cages under shade trees with 3 sides of the cage protected by a shade cloth wind block. I do not provide heat in winter nor ice/fans/tiles in winter. They do fine from about 5-105 F.

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