Behold, my massive 16 ounce 2.5 week old kit.

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Sep 27, 2021
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1044[1].jpg1045[1].jpgMaybe I'm just out of practice and not remembering how big kits get, but this guy just seems truly massive. The dam is 25% Californian and 75% rex, the sire is 100% rex. The parents and there lineage all range in the 8-10 pound range. This guy was born on day 33 of the pregnancy, on May 8th. There were only two in the litter, one of which (a white one) passed the day of birth. From the beginning they were both huge kits with way more fur than I have ever seen on a new born. Sense Then he has just kept growing. He started hoping in and out of the box at week 2 and is already spending most of his time out, if I'm remembering correctly most of our litters didn't even start exploring outside the box until 3 weeks. He still has the 2.5 week old features; he isn't maturing quicker, he is just a big baby.

I assume the combo of getting all the milk and having space to grow in utero and the nest just meant he could grow faster. He just seems absolutely massive! He's not even over weight, he's just B I G.

I think I'm may name him ether Hank or Boris. If you have any other names that would suit a large creature such as himself, or any giant kit stories of your own, feel free to share them.

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