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Dec 26, 2009
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near London, Ontario
My holland lops are predominately tricolour/chestnut based with a smattering of Chocolate.

I used to have tort running through a bit but gradually winnowed those out as smutty fawns/tricolours was NOT what I wanted to have running around.

This litter has surprised me a bit.

Momma zesty is out of a sable magpie. She's solid black. Her first litter she produced chocolate and shaded chocolate. (shaded chocolate are pretty)

Dad is a broken chestnut out of agouti and tricolour lines.

Their kits

I THINK i have
a steel...the first dark kit has ticking on the tips of his fur. His base colour I'm very confused on and i'm hoping it's not a shaded chocolate steel as that would just be odd and i'm not even sure if it's possible.

The other two are broken chestnut and broken chocolate. The latter two I mostly expected. The steel has me going hmm........


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