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  1. ThunderHill

    New kits

    They look great, @Cosima ! I know you've faced many challenges with your rabbits in the past, and I am just so happy for you right now with these beautiful, healthy litters! Thanks for keeping us posted on how they are doing!
  2. ThunderHill

    What am I doing wrong? Mystery illness killing baby rabbits.

    Hi! This is what the app said: First picture: Second picture: There are several plant ID apps available. The one I use isn't free (PictureThis app), but I use it all the time to make sure what I'm giving my rabbits is safe. It usually gives a few different options of what the plant could be...
  3. ThunderHill

    What am I doing wrong? Mystery illness killing baby rabbits.

    Hi! I put pictures of your plants into my plant ID app, and the one on the right came back as possibly being White Snakeroot, Ageratina altissima, which is highly toxic. Of course those apps aren't always right, especially when it's not a great picture, but I wanted to let you know just in case!
  4. ThunderHill

    What is doable in your perfect rabbit software? I've been looking at software, but I've decided to make my own.

    This looks amazing! I'd love to be a beta tester! One thing that caught my eye is the "birth weight," as I don't know if many folks weigh kits at birth. Maybe have "Starting weight" or something instead, which would be whatever the first weight is, and calculate average daily weight gain from...
  5. ThunderHill

    feeding raw rabbit as dog food

    Hi! I feed our Rhodesian Ridgeback half rabbit and half kibble and he has done well on it. We started this when we first got him at 8 weeks old (he is now 7 months old). We didn't feel confident trying to go all raw, but wanted to use more of the rabbits that would otherwise go to waste, and...
  6. ThunderHill

    NZ 8 week old kits

    Hi! In my limited experience raising NZ for a few years now, I find that the kits who grow up eating large quantities of greens grow out much more slowly, and will likely take closer to 12 weeks to hit 5+ pounds. When I used to feed exclusively pellets and hay, I was getting closer to 4+ pounds...
  7. ThunderHill

    Deep Litter System How To?

    With all this talk about gardening with cardboard, compost and mulch, I would be remiss to not mention my absolute favorite source of cardboard - Costco! I love Costco anyway, but it would be worth it to me to buy a basic membership just for the cardboard! And I don't mean cardboard boxes that...
  8. ThunderHill

    Deep Litter System How To?

    Hi! I used to try to muck out beneath my suspended cages every few weeks to keep it "neat," but tried just letting it build up this year. I have liked it much better with this deep litter system. There's not really much smell at all and WAY fewer flies than we had last year. I actually just...
  9. ThunderHill

    How much do you pay for feed? --per mods: NO POLITICS IN THIS THREAD.

    Hi! I'm in Central KY, too. Would you mind sharing where you get this? How dusty is Hubbard? Have you ever tried Manna PRO, and if so, how does Hubbard compare? Thanks so much!
  10. ThunderHill

    Super mix- added supplements?

    Hi! I'm not sure if it's helpful, but I once tried a recipe for a cereal bar for human babies that was mostly oats, but it had unsweetened applesauce and Chia seeds as the binder. When the chia was moistened by the applesauce and baked, they got all tacky-sticky and held it all together really...
  11. ThunderHill

    WITHDRAWN --Looking for Red or Blue NZ near Kentucky (USA)

    Thanks @Mama583 for the response! I think for now we've decided to just continue trying to improve our current black and REWs and not bring in any new colors. @Nibbles is there a way to take down the post since we're no longer looking? Thanks!
  12. ThunderHill

    WITHDRAWN --Looking for Red or Blue NZ near Kentucky (USA)

    Hi! We currently raise black, broken black and REW New Zealands, and we're considering adding red and/or blue depending on what we can find fairly close to central Kentucky (solid and broken preferred). Please let me know if you have any available. Thanks!
  13. ThunderHill

    Rabbit Hide Dog Treats

    Oh wow! That's really interesting! Although I agree with Therese, and hope I never need to try this myself!
  14. ThunderHill

    Rabbit Hide Dog Treats

    Thanks! We split our rabbits with the dog already, keeping the loin and back legs for ourselves and the rest supplements the dog's diet. However, while we do give him the head, feet, and organs, we haven't been saving the stomach and intestines for him. Those usually get buried somewhere in the...