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    My picture update thread

    You sure have a lot of rabbits!
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    Housing females/male close

    Either works fine. I have two three stacked cages that are connected going up and both have a Doe in the middle and Bucks on the top and bottom. I just wouldn't put their cages right next to each other, because the buck will most likely spray
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    Q & A

    How do you know if a Doe is nursing her babies when you can never see her do it?
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    Kit News!

    (Day 1)(Day 2) (Today) The smaller one is Jasper and the bigger one is Pearl I assume that they will be either Himi or Siamese Smoke Pearl
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    I think that the fourth one looks a bit like a maybe faded brown/black or a broken blue/lilac
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    Kit News!

    I came home from my Grandma's today, and my Doe Natzumi has two healthy Kits! I will be posting here with any news or pictures about/of them! The smaller one is Jasper, and the bigger one is Pearl
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    Hey guys!

    Nice! I came home to my Doe with two healthy babies today!
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    Excitement For Upcoming Kits!

    Just want to say Do you like very rare Champagne
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    My three Does are expecting Kits for three days starting tomorrow!

    My three Does are expecting Kits for three days starting tomorrow!
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    Happy Me Birthday!

    I know I'm getting a new Minecraft water bottle and this morning I got a My Pillow (We do this thing where we used empty boxes so we trick other people) but there was an actual My Pillow in it I assume I'm getting some more Switch games but I'm not sure after that
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    Happy Me Birthday!

    Happy early Birthday!
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    The kits are coming soon!

    Cool!!! My three does are due tomorrow-Sunday Kit buddies!
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    The next person that posts here…

    Yes TNPTPH likes drawing