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    Can rabbits be used as a complete dog diet?

    rabbit doesn't have enough good fats for dogs to live on them solely. They can make up a good portion of the diet though
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    Ontario here. mixed meat mutts, holland lops and netherland dwarf
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    winter water

    So, for your own convenience you are going to deprive rabbits of water when they drink it the most? Why not just have two sets of water bowls and switch them out? for three rabbits that HUGELY double.
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    Skin and teeth problems! Help!!!!

    burrowing mites need a different treatment plan than regular mites. I'd advise you to seek the advice of a vet. With the teeth... if keeping as a pet keep them trimmed. Many people use a dremel (youtube has videos). You will need to keep on top of them as the consequence is slow starvation.
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    Is she a Brown Blue Netherland Dwarf? :)

    looks like a young chocolate otter to me. Might end up being a blue as I've seen chocolates with odd colouring turn blue by the time they are adults.
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    Identifying breed

    pet quality holland lops vary widely in type and size. not all purebred holland lops are "worthy" of being called holland lops. :) Then again, even the best of holland lops can produce kits born with a lousy crown and ear placement (which affects what happens with the ears). She generally...
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    Opal or Blue Otter? Red or Orange? Castor?

    blow in her coat and if you see rings in her coat (like different colours) then she's an agouti ... and therefore she's amber.
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    Ear Ripped Open

    nip off the dangling bit. rabbits heal up pretty fast.
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    Fear vs. Practice how to balance info?

    how to feed rabbits varies by the owner. For instance. My feeding regime: I feed pellets every night to my rabbits. A limited measured amount. In the morning they either get: a grain mix, a decent handful of hay, leftover household apples/lettuce/bread crusts, or copious greens. Depends...
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    Hello from Alberta!

    welcome to the group, happy to have you here.
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    Question about my kindling doe

    did you write down a due date? Mine are pretty much always at day 30/31.
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    Not a which color but more of which should I save?

    if I were looking for a wider range of colours... keep the blue. gives you dilute with the chance (depending on what mom is under that coat) for dominant colours as well. The white foot and purple eye... Pretty sure that's vienna gene. What colour is your magpie?
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    Opal or Blue Otter? Red or Orange? Castor?

    looks like opal, castor, fawn, though, if the fawn has rings in her coat (given the lynx heritage) it could be an amber instead. Castor can range in colour... but sometimes lighter castors are amber (depending on what's behind the colours).
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    I'm looking for first hand experiences in keeping raccoons away.

    best defense against coons is two-fold depending on the area you live in. Trap and remove (however you deem best) ... if choosing to remove alive... you have to take them a far distance, over a body of water (river etc) or they will come straight back. and GOOD fencing/cage wire. they...