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  1. Jacob

    Sick rabbits

    Still no more losses since switching back to Bar Ale. Now I'm sure it was the feed. Hope this helps someone.
  2. Jacob

    Sick rabbits

    Been a week since switching feed. Ain't lost a rabbit since. We lost rabbits when feeding with "Producers Pride", a TSC feed.
  3. Jacob

    Sick rabbits

    Well, it's been a week now with no losses. Also, a week since switching from the other feed. On one hand I'm happy to have gotten things back on track. On the other hand, I'm frustrated at the losses. We were feeding Bar Ale rabbit feed. Our local grow/feed store ran out. We bought over priced...
  4. Jacob

    Sick rabbits

    Still no more losses. We haven't lost a rabbit since switching over to the different feed. Fingers crossed still.
  5. Jacob


    Thank you.
  6. Jacob


    How are rabbits tested for it? Is it a necropsy thing? I'm gonna do some googlin and see what I can find.
  7. Jacob

    Sick rabbits

    We have changed the feed. Haven't lost any in about 48 hrs. Keeping our fingers crossed. How are rabbits tested for rvhd2?
  8. Jacob

    Sick rabbits

    Hey everyone, we are having a loss like I haven't experienced before. We've lost 4 of our grow outs, and 2 of our breeder bucks. All in about a week. We haven't acquired any new rabbits in over a year. I'm thinking its feed related. Theres no symptoms til we find them dead. No sneezing, no...
  9. Jacob

    How much do you pay for feed?

    Had to buy from our local feed store this morning. Purina Rabbit feed was $30.99. Crazy! Diesel is $7.29. How much do you guys pay?
  10. Jacob

    How do I start to raise rabbits for meat? Any tips?

    Contact your local 4h is a great start. They should be able to help you out. They can help you with any questions you might have. Buy young breeding stock now. Raise them through summer. Cheaper that way. Buy some proven breeders at the end of summer. Less frustrations over breeding to start. We...
  11. Jacob

    What color are my New Zealand REW?

    Thanks O, funny that you speak of your buck and how he freezes. Most of our rabbits do the same. And I was just talking with a friend about this topic the other day.
  12. Jacob

    Trying rabbit

    Cook one with a cube of butter in the crock pot until falling off the bone. Then make into anything. It makes the butchering part easier.
  13. Jacob

    How many do you butcher in a day?

    Thanks for all the input. I'm gonna check out that video.
  14. Jacob

    How many do you butcher in a day?

    How many rabbits do you guys and gals butcher in a day? We got a big butcher day coming soon for us. 25 to 30 or so. It's going to be an all hands on board kinda day for the family. The kids are young but they've shown they got grit. No issues the last couple times. If you got one trick up...
  15. Jacob


    We live in Garberville Ca. It's in the northwestern part of the state. Were 45 mins from the ocean and about 3 hrs from Oregon. Windy roads make it take about twice as long to get anywhere around here. The American rabbits are kind of new for us. They are a dual purpose breed. I'd think they...