Yeepers.... Hello again from a Zombie Rabbiteer.

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Rainy Days Rabbitry
Jan 30, 2017
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Southern United States
Howdy y'all
I know it's been a few years since I've frequented the forum and my account has a layer of dust on it, but I'm cleaning it off and rejoining the living. :)

Lets see, I've been raising meat mutts since 2015 and just this year picked up some show quality Satins from Tim Kingsbury and plan to join the show world next year. My main rabbit project however is the Avante-Garde Reza line which is a shiny, curly rabbit. To get this I will need three fur texture genes displaying in the same rabbit; rex, satin and waved. All of these are recessive to the normal rabbit coat so quite the endevor, lol.. If you want to check out the breeding plan and have your eyes glaze over you're welcome to peruse it here: Avante-Garde Reza Rabbits

I currently have a 2800 sq ft colony space that hold *drumroll* TWO rabbit does. xD Yeah, I know, there used to be up to 110 rabbits running around in there but we have slowly phased them out and eventually it'll be a chicken run and the back half will be a garden. It's got electric fence around it, dig guards, goat fencing, wire netting above for the hawks, and a shed. Unfortunately coccidia (parasite impossible to get rid of in a colony) was our downfall and while the adults are unaffected it would kill the kits once they went through weaning stress, so they would have to stay caged until about 10-12 weeks. So I had a system where I would let the does into the cages to feed their kits twice a day (or once a day if they only fed in the morning or evening). It worked well enough but it was an additional hassle.

Plus, when it comes to trying to get show quality and keeping them in show condition a colony really isn't going to work. Too dirty and one scuffle could cause a DQ on an otherwise prime animal.

I also have a 10x10 colony space which I really do like, it's been a breeder buck colony multiple times with great success, and right now it's housing a couple of does and their new litters. It's got a brick floor and it's just fun and easy. I think 100sq ft of space is perfect for two does and a buck, or 2-3 does max.

I also have caged rabbits now, 11ish? And a "yard hare" which is a Belgian Hare buck who runs around the caged rabbit space, it's not supposed to be a "colony" but it's about 200 sq ft of space that he is free in. He's a fun one. Just a pet, no breeding prospects for him at all as he's not very meaty.

I do have a big rabbitry build going on that will have EVERYTHING I could ever want in a rabbit barn. I limited myself to 12 holes because, well, I know I'll fill them. And if I did 20 holes I'd fill those. Self limiting :'D You can check it out here: Facebook

I think that's it... still located in Central Oklahoma. Still crazy about rabbits, lol. Oh, and I love rabbit color and coat genetics. ABCDEverything :p I'm quite good with steel genetics and quite poor with sable genetics. I suppose it's likely only because I have never had sable and get steel like crazy.

I am a very sweet and gentle person but I do know sometimes I do not come across that way through the keyboard and for that I am sorry, if you feel I am being a butt just call me out on it because that's not my intention.

P.S.... y'all STILL don't have this on a mobile app?? Tsk tsk ;)


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Dec 16, 2009
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South Eastern Ontario
Wow! Your rabbitry sounds amazing! I'll check it out soon.

We need folks with enthusiasm and the kind of knowledge that springs from personal experience. Hope you'll stick around.

I can certainly see what excites you in fur type, if the Rumpel5 is an example. What wonderful fur she has!

~ Maggie


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Aug 22, 2021
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Love your post! So much enthusiasm and an amazing looking breed to work on. Will look you up on fb 😊


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Feb 12, 2019
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NE Wyoming
I’ll trade you my knowledge of shaded everything for your steel! I can’t imagine having steels. And yet, sable is super easy for me. It be like that sometimes, no? Lol.


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Sep 15, 2010
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Is that a showable option for Rex rabbits? Are they still considered Rex?

So, if Satin, Rex and Wavy are all recessives, do you have a pair of breeders who carry all three traits? It's hard enough to get one set of recessives matched up, let alone three of them. Hmm, how about ss, rr, wawa and ll? Although that coat on an angora would probably just present as a mess.

I've been thinking of getting some Rex rabbits to go along with the English angoras here (not to breed to each other, just to have another breed available). Once you get enough that you're selling some foundation stock, it might be interesting to import some of them to Hawaii. I've not found any Rex here in the past year or two although there had been some about ten years ago. Those look like they'd be better than the regular Rex.