what to do next? (baby rabbit)

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Jan 10, 2022
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has any one had any luck raising and hand feeding a baby rabbit? long story short my dogs dug up a rabbit burrow, and I was able to save a baby. I have it in a small box with a washcloth, some fur I had been saving, and a hot rice sock covered with a bit of a rabbit hide I had. I don't have any does to foster it to, but it seems like it got a pretty good feeding before the dogs got it. I fed it a bit a couple hours ago and it suckled a bit on the dropper with milk, and did a good job eating. It has a small cut on the top on it's head but I don't think it is to bad. It has been pretty active, scooting around the box. Is there any thing else I should do?
Here are some pictures IMG_0861 (1).jpgIMG_0858 (2).jpg


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Feb 15, 2014
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There is a lot written about that in the care section, use the search term "formula" and select [search titels only].

Example thread:

Condensed goat milk is a good starting point.

I've read about other formulas used, like kitten milk replacer (sometimes beefed up with cream), and there is even a special powder for rabbits on the market. Never had much luck with hand feeding so no own experience, stick to stuff people had success with, not everything that has been tried out works.

Cow milk, as far as I know, is not suitable, goat milk is easier to digest.

If you know where the nest was you can check out if there is something left, and maybe return the kit.

As been said, that isn't a wild rabbit. I've had my own rabbits built tunnels and have litters there without me noticing in time, did relocate the nests to the hutches. I would definitly check all my does.

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